Co incidence or a dark conspiricy?

  jack 08:58 05 Dec 2009

A couple of my flock - on the same exchange and base ISP [TalkTalk and Tiscali] havew had day when they could not get on line, or suffered drop out.
When asked my comment was - contention ratio - popular IUSP being crowded out at busy times. remedy - mac number and shift.
In each case however they resorted to long conversitions with the support line on the 'subcontinent' and in each case the blame was put on the supplied router/modem and it should be replaced with this 'little number' only £49.99 shall I send you one?'
In each case they accepted the offer.
But I wonder - is this a 'Get more dosh move' from the supplier?

  sunnystaines 09:22 05 Dec 2009

I use my own router with talktalk the supplied one did not look up to much. Plus all I had to do was change login details rather than set up from scratch.

  Chegs ®™ 11:20 05 Dec 2009

I'm now with TalkTalk as my previous ISP(O2) sent an email informing me they were implementing a "traffic management" system which should improve my evening surfing speeds,it didnt! The supplied router was a D-Link device and is as good as my own Netgear regarding its wireless range,and my surfing speeds (especially during the evening)are much improved.I see from the TalkTalk website that they supply several different types of router so presume you've been given one of the other models.I have WiFi on my mobile phone and had a walk around the estate recently,the majority of the estate are with Sky,the majority are all secured no matter who the provider but one ISP stood out with all its open connections & that was BT Openzone.I left Sky due to their haphazard payment collections,their cost & occasional glitches in speed.

  Forum Editor 11:43 05 Dec 2009

Surely you said that in jest?

  jack 13:57 05 Dec 2009

Well did I?
I guess it was in reaality but to have two of my flock report difficulties, and the remedy offered was the same in each case I do wonder sometimes.

  Kevscar1 19:21 05 Dec 2009

Sorry you lost me if they have the same problem then surely you would expect the remedy to be the same.

  spuds 22:44 05 Dec 2009

Funny that you should mention Tiscali and Talk Talk, because I have just had a bit of a run in with them, about poor customer service.

About 12 months ago I had problems of disconnections, low speeds and general poor service. Getting action of a kind, was only provided when I went to the top (Mary Turner). Things became reasonably amicable, because Tiscali was making adjustments plus monitoring the situation, and we left it at that.

About 2 month ago, problems of very low speeds, not receiving or being able to send emails, then having all my emails deleted from the inbox by remote, when Tiscali supposedly 'corrected' the problem got beyond a joke, so I wanted action. A long story, which resulted in a rather expensive telephone bill, which I made quite clear that I was not prepaid to pay, due to their customer service incompetance of being fobbed off, transfered to premium cost lines etc. They (Tiscali) have now promised a credit on my next bill, but only as a "one time only goodwill gesture". I think this might be a 'hold the headlines' situation.

  jack 10:18 06 Dec 2009

'Funny that you should mention Tiscali and Talk Talk, because I have just had a bit of a run in with them, about poor customer service'
It is two of my flock that are with TT and T, against my better advice in the first place, and when they are in trouble ask me what to do, and I said Mac number and shift - promptly ignored it
Why do I bother?
My ISP is one of the smaller lesser known ones -and in eight years I have no complaints.
Who are [email protected]
Well I'm not saying - else everybody will want on and all of a sudden I/We will be in the same boat as the others.

  Joseph Kerr 16:44 06 Dec 2009

what do you mean by base isp? TT and Tiscali are different ISPs arent they? I hope so, because im with one of them...

  wolfie3000 18:28 06 Dec 2009

I still dont see why people dont just go to AOL,
Iv been with them for more years than i can remember with no issues what so ever.

When they did the switch over to routers from modems, i phoned them up and got a free wireless router 3 days later and took around half an hour to setup and be online again.

AOL gets alot of stick but iv heard many others complaining about other ISP,s

  spuds 20:21 06 Dec 2009

Isn't AOL a part of CPW now ;o)

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