C'mon Guys, I've got work to do

  pj123 14:57 20 Mar 2005

I log in daily for my PCA Forum fix but I never seem to log out???

My workload is piling up and here I am still checking through all the forums to see if I can help someone or even find answers to my own problems.

Can we close the Forum for a fortnight so that I can catch up on my work?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 15:02 20 Mar 2005

I agree.

If you look through my school journal you will see loads of detentions for "no h/w" constantly through the pages.

A fortnight to catch up on h/w would be good.

  pj123 15:11 20 Mar 2005

Hi Ben, yes I have seen your record. What excuses do you give for not doing your homework.

Personally, I feel sorry for all the school kids today. When I was at school we never had homework. We never had to carry a full backpack to school and back. We never even had to supply our own pencil. We started at 9 and we finished at 4.

If you have to take stuff home to finish then I believe there is something wrong.

I didn't have to take anything home from my job when I was working and I didn't have to supply anything to enable me to do my job.

  Forum Editor 16:17 20 Mar 2005


You'll have plenty of time for online forums later in your life. For now, concentrate on your work, and on getting the best out of your school years. Take it from me, it will pay dividends later on. Come here when you've done your homework, not when you should be doing it. From now on, I may ask, so be warned.

  pj123 16:43 20 Mar 2005

FE, yes that's a good idea. Check him out. If he hasn't done his homework ban him for a period.

I still think that they shouldn't have homework anyway. If they can't get everything in within the school time then it needs extending. I see the school kids coming home around here about 2.30pm. I was never allowed out of school until 4pm.

Maybe we should look at the French system? Longer hours, no school on Wednesday's but they do have to go to school on Saturday morning.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:24 20 Mar 2005

I hope to start my own buisness someday,obviously computer related.

We have had to choose what we wan't to do in year 9 and i chose the ones which i think would be an advantage to my future in computing buisness.

History and buisness studdies,which i think are going to be very usefull.

You make good income,and because you have worked hard for it,i am going to get a good income and i am also going to work hard for it just as you have.

I do do revision on the internet and stuff,but its things like maths,and english which i don't / forget to do.

I have english h/w to do which i have to write a dialouge in macbeth,all the thee,thy,tho,thou shakespere stuff.that has to be handed in on wednesday,so plenty of time,and i have done my maths h/w about an hour ago,and my history project on WW1 has to be in for another 6 weeks.geography h/w is in after easter,so is art (YES!),ICT is easy,and my teacher lets me email it to him.science is a chemichals and reactions sheet,which is usally done just before the lesson.

pj123 - Did you never have to do h/w?

Did you never have to carry 2 bags for you books?

Did you not have to buy your own equipment

Next you will be telling me you get free school dinners,and bus fare! ;-)

Though didn't you have kaine at that time?

I couldn't imagine any of my teachers whipping me!

  Forum Editor 19:17 20 Mar 2005

We had our schooldays Ben, you're having yours - ours were different in many ways, but that's life.

As for closing the forum pj123 - sorry, we won't be doing that.

  Buchan 35 20:12 20 Mar 2005

What about the rest of who`d suffer withdrawal symptoms if it did close. Perish the thought. Thanks FE ;-)))

  jerichobob 21:02 20 Mar 2005

To counter the withdrawal symptoms simply copy a bunch of threads you've not read and browse through them while the forum is offline. Simple really. Ha Ha Ha.......

Don't you dare FE. You'd have thousands of us going nuts.

On a more serious note, I had homework PJ123, how come you didn't. And we got the cane, slipper, chalk thrown at us, proper detention where they didn't have to tell your parents 6 months in advance, droning teachers who cared more about going home than teaching, and stupid uniforms which were meant to make us all look the same but the rich kids had Nylon blazers and us poor folk had wool mix. On the plus side we had PE twice a week, Maths once a week - got to prioritise - German with the most beautiful woman on the planet - I was fourteen and fell in love with someone else every ten minutes, she was the one I fell in love with for that particular ten minutes OK? - and proper summers which lasted for ever. And we didn't have to worry quite so much about the designer wear plague that has swept through every aspect of life including school.

Good old days.


  VoG II 23:15 20 Mar 2005

I did fall into the habit of logging in at work and taking a peek every hour or so. My present workload precludes this and I was probably (all right, certainly) contravening company policy.

I now take a peek first thing and at lunchtime when in the office.

My schooldays were 9 to 4 plus homework. With the current early finishing, I really do not understand why "homework" could not be done at school, after lessons have finished.

  Buchan 35 23:37 20 Mar 2005

Ben lad, you`ve got FE on your case now, please keep us up-to-date, blow-by-blow. ( sound of hands being rubbed together in anticipation)When I went to school I had homework, school hours 8AM to 4PM, and homework had to be delivered tomorrow morning. Count your lucky stars Ben that that is`nt the case now.
Mind you lad, I went to school when even teachers could`nt spell the word education.

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