Clubs & Societies.

  Blackhat 12:11 05 Sep 2010

After many years of consideration I am about to join a local Society (photographic).

This got me wondering. What sort of variety of clubs & societies do our forum members belong to?

30 years ago I was a member and later secretary of a 13-18 Christian youth organisation. Now as a company director I have also been considering the Rotary Club.

  jack 13:02 05 Sep 2010

Over the years I have belonged to an ultimately left photographic societies because of one dissatisfaction or the other,
Members it seems to me fall into three categories.
Those that are keen photographers of all genera and like to show others their prowess
Those the are keen 'kit' collectors where on club nights sit and crow over their latest acquisitions or extol the virtues of this that and the other- but few it seemed to me produced any work.
And then last are those that Ctiticise- take the floor to pontificate over the 'Golden Triangle' and other arcane topic- an oh yeas once more, rarely had any work of their own to put up.

I do belong to a group - The University of The Third Age[U3A] there is one in your town - check it out
It may well have a photographic group- but also much more to offer.

  spuds 13:20 05 Sep 2010

I think jack as got the facts about right on photographic and possibly other societies and associations.

Over the years I have been involved with various societies and associations, and have found that some can be very good in encouraging members and membership, when others have had a rather 'close knit' arrangement between certain members.

The best club's that I belonged to was a climbing and caving club, plus a mechanical engineering and bodger's association. Very friendly and helpful they turned out to be.

  peter99co 14:55 05 Sep 2010

The University of The Third Age[U3A] there is one in your town.

Well done Jack. I have printed the membership form. The local group does have a photo club and a computer group.

Thanks Blackhat!

  wiz-king 15:17 05 Sep 2010

I am 'off' clubs at the moment, I find one I like and in a few month I end up on the committee or 'doing' the monthly newsletter, organising the show and end up with no time to enjoy the hobby concerned.

  ams4127 17:10 05 Sep 2010

I've been a member of photographic, archery and shooting clubs over the years. I left them all because of members who took themselves too seriously and took umbrage when anyone else dared to question their expertise.

I'm now just a member of a couple of local golf clubs which gives me, and other like mainded hackers, the choice of whom I inflict my erratic scoring on.

Most times will find some (or all) of us lying paraletic with laughter on the ground.

I am a great believer in the sayings of the late, great "Slammin'" Sam Snead whose reply to someone who asked how he might improve his game, said "Give up for three months - and then quit!"

My kind of humour.....!

  Forum Editor 19:14 05 Sep 2010

for the reasons mentioned by jack. I'm occasionally asked to give a talk to various clubs about Computing and/or the Internet, and generally find there's at least one person who thinks he (it's always a he) knows more than I do on the subject, one that wants to go into incredible detail about html code (my eyes glaze over), and one who asks 'which is the best computer to buy?' - it's the most frequently asked question by far.

I usually enjoy myself, but go home vowing never to join a club. 'Never say never' as the old saying goes, so I'll probably see you at the bowls club one of these days.

  jack 19:38 05 Sep 2010

My late missus was a founder member of ours and the first treasurer,.When I retired I also joined. it was a small group then of about 50 members.
The then 'Group Coordinator [a retired teacher - of course] fixed me with a beady eye and said 'We need an Water Colour and sketching group - go start one.
Why ask me I responded all I have ever drawn is breath and pay and not much of the latter.
So I joined a small private art group grasped the fundamentals and passed them on.
And that is the ethic of the U3A- you do not have to been an expert learn pass it on 'just be one page ahead'get together and find out for your selves- meeting in each other homes- and a monthly get together in a hall someplace.
I then went on to start the IT group[natch] No Domestic PC's then- some had Mr Sugars PCW Monsters and Commodores and gasped when I took along a Keyboard- where is the processor[An Atari like its cousin Amiga was like an extra thick keyboard- it was all in there.]
Armchair travel was the next thing to start with folk giving forth on their adventures- with me making up CD's[later DVD's]for them from their material of snaps maps and postcards to show on Home TV's or later projected on a school projector]
Then came along Digital Photography- So We had to Have a 'Digital Darkroom group'
And so it goes on

Blackhat, peter99co
Get signed up - you wont regret it

  john bunyan 20:34 05 Sep 2010

That said "Iwould not join any club that would have me as a member"

  Blackhat 20:35 05 Sep 2010

I now realise that I hadn’t put much thought into my original post. I have had various other memberships over the years. I don’t know why they didn’t occur to me at the time.

The British Parachute Association, Halfpenny Green Skydiving Club, Aquasport International, The British Sub Aqua Club, English Contact Karate Association, British Kung Fu Association. Probably just too far in the past to remember.

  john bunyan 20:44 05 Sep 2010

Snap on the BPA and BSAC.And RLSS.

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