Clown Loaches

  skidzy 21:22 08 Feb 2009

As a Christmas present we received a fish tank.

Now we know very little about keeping tropical fish but we are learning as we go.

Everything is going fine to date (the internet is helping lots).

Funny thing happened today though and was wondering if anyone has experienced this.

We added one Clown Loach yesterday and its been very lively except today it went missing for about 4 hours Lol...yes missing !!

We looked everywhere,removed the fixtures and fittings and still could not find it......we have found it just re-appeared and we think it buried itself in the gravel.

No wonder they are called CLOWN Loaches :-)

Anyone else experienced this ?

We think the Clown is playing with us :-)))

  MAT ALAN 21:37 08 Feb 2009

skidz me old rap jap flappy buddy pal matey cockney rhymning doo doh's, didn't know you where into WET PETS, sorry can't help but enjoy your new hobby...

  MCE2K5 21:42 08 Feb 2009

Don't know about CLOWN Loaches, But I used to keep Cold Water Loaches, They also went walk about, A careful and close check of the tank, Could just see Whiskers & Mouths moving. Haven't got a clue why they did it.

  MAT ALAN 21:51 08 Feb 2009

Why do they hide. probably did it in their natural habitat to hide from predators, being highly coloured its an easy meal...

  skidzy 21:55 08 Feb 2009

Cheers guys,we were worried and just could not find the thing..considering its the second biggest biggest fish behind the shark.

Its now disappeared again and i sat watching the tank for around 15 minutes lol....its gotta be playing with us :-))

I could understand if it was a huge tank.....its only a 72 litre tank !

  bluto1 22:04 08 Feb 2009

It's shy. There it is, swimming about happily in a nice new tank, and suddenly it notices these huge eyed monsters looking at it. Wouldn't you run and hide in those circumstances if you were naked?

  skidzy 22:31 08 Feb 2009

I can say this,these Clown Loaches have a right character about them.....:-)

I think its happy enough,there is no aggression in the tank what so ever.
We did have some Guppies that were rid of them and its all harmony now.

Its just so funny this Clown just disappears so quickly :-)

  oresome 22:36 08 Feb 2009

"As a Christmas present we received a fish tank."

Well it beats hankies and socks. Nice original present that will continue to give you some enjoyment long after the event.

  Forum Editor 23:04 08 Feb 2009

where they live in fairly shallow, fast moving streams. In their natural habitat they like to hide away in holes, rock crevices, and under stones.

Yours is behaving naturally - make sure it has some rocks amongst which it can hide, or it will be stressed.

  Forum Editor 23:07 08 Feb 2009

that for a clown loach to be truly happy there should be a detectable water current in the tank, preferably at a low level. With modern filters and pumps it isn't difficult to rig up a pipe that directs a mild flow of water across the tank bottom. The loach - and other fish - will love it.

  skidzy 23:29 08 Feb 2009

We do have a good air flow but are thinking of adding a few extras in the near future.

There are a few hiding places including plants and structures.
I have read quite a lot on Clown Loaches and some of the forums are excellent.
I did come across a couple of posts who had similar instances...but no one seems to witness this happening.

Will add a couple of extra rocks/structures and see what happens.

Thankyou for your input.

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