Clogging Up The Roads

  gardener 00:07 03 Jul 2008

Some of us have seen the collapse of industries over the last 20 years or so. Coal mines spring to some minds. Considering the the lack of support they received in their struggle is anyone going to support the road hauliers?

  wis 01:06 03 Jul 2008

in a word no ,constrution building industy all
my lads laid off,can not sell first phase of build
im not going phase 2 3 4 ,its all very tight
but if your an mp on £120 grande do you care

  DANZIG 05:54 03 Jul 2008

I do sympathise with, and support, the hauliers frustration and anger with our ridiculous government's taxation idiocy.

However, its not just the haulage business that is unfairly targetted.

I work for a major bingo operator. Just in case you weren't aware, unlike betting shops which are taxed once with VAT - bingo is taxed twice (once with VAT @ 17.5% and again with Gross Profit Tax @ 15%).

Totally unfair of course and parliament was lobbeyed on this before the last budget. The online petition on the No10 website was completed (fat lot of good that did) and members of the industry had meetings with members of parliament.

The issue was not even raised in the budget.

This government make me sick - but having said that, I'm not too sure any other party would do any better.

  Quickbeam 07:37 03 Jul 2008

The transport part of most big distribution outfits is currently running at a loss.

Most of the small hauliers are currently running on a zero profit. These hauliers do not have the power to influence the haulage rates paid by the contract holders. They can only try to hold out until the rates rise... or bankruptcy will result.

The whole of the Western economy is oil dependent.

The price of everything we buy is linked to the price of oil.

There is nothing that you have bought that hasn't traveled in a truck to reach you.

The government seems to have it's head in the sand over the implications of the price of oil. Just letting it rise at the pumps without doing anything will send inflation rocketing out of control and goodbye government at the next election.

They tell us inflation is about 3%... my weekly increases in the cost of living tell me it's over 10%.

So you see, it's not just about hauliers thinking of number one, we're all in this mess together... at least they are doing something.

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  laurie53 09:29 03 Jul 2008

The hauliers are no more a special case than single parent families, the disabled or pensioners, who are all struggling with increased energy costs, except the hauliers do have the option of passing the charges on to their customers.

As I've said before, if the hauliers really want a level playing field with their mainland competitors, let it be really level, like speeding convictions on tachograph evidence, like needing a special licence to be on the road over the weekend, like not being allowed most towns and villages, like being limited to main primary routes, like having to pull over if they have more than five vehicles behind them.

  Stuartli 10:46 03 Jul 2008

I think you will find that the hauliers have general public support, largely because the owners of the 32m cars on our roads experience the same levels of fuel price increases.

As for restricting the times hauliers can/may be on our roads or having to "use primary routes", this would cause more problems than it solves, especially for perishable goods.

About 97 per cent of everything we buy has been transported by road - it's the most effective and speediest method known.

Please don't raise the argument either about using the railways (if it springs to mind) - it has little relevance in a small country like the UK compared to the States, France, Germany etc.

  spuds 10:54 03 Jul 2008

Fuel prices (all utilities) are becoming far reaching for everyone, especially the lower paid. Hauliers do have a problem, but so does every other person who as to pay bills at the end of the day.

Already, our local newspapers are stating closures and reductions of staff in certain industries. A neighbour as just lost their job, after working 15 years for the same company. Went to work (as usual) last Friday, and the place was locked with administrators controlling the business. He knew thing were tight, but not that bad.

I personally do not like to become involved with politics (you can never win), but didn't the Callaghan led government have similar "What problems" attitude, and I think we all know were that ended.

  Stuartli 12:11 03 Jul 2008

The actual expression that Jim Callaghan was believed to have said was "Crisis, what crisis?" and it was one that, as a result of the Winter of Discontent in 1978-79, brought the then Labour Government down.

However, Callaghan never actually made the statement - it was conceived by a Sun sub-editor as a headline...:-)

But the damage was done in the public's mind, not that it took a lot to do so in view of the chaos caused by the unions.

  Al94 12:31 03 Jul 2008

That's a relief, thought this was another derogatory thread about caravans!

  peter99co 13:35 03 Jul 2008

As far as I know in Germany all lorries park-up at the weekend from Friday night until Sunday evening. The exception is perishable goods

  Cymro. 13:38 03 Jul 2008

I find it rather ironic that gardener mentions support for the road hauliers and the coal miners in the same thread. If the road hauliers had supported the miners rather than do all they could to drive through the miners picket lines then they could expect some support from the miners now.

Independent road hauliers and owner operators were among those who worked together with the then Tory government to smash the miners in their just fight for keeping their jobs and so safeguarding their communities.

Such owner operators in road haulage industry deserve and I hope will get no support from anyone.

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