Clocks Going Forward

  pchelper001 21:35 29 Mar 2008

Remember guys...the clocks go forward tonight! Just a little when you wake up supposedly early tommorow, you may just be late!

  STREETWORK 21:40 29 Mar 2008

Darn it, now I will need to buy a new watch...

  MAT ALAN 21:42 29 Mar 2008

STREETWORK, its easy mate, just wind it on 6 months, silly!!!

  Bingalau 21:43 29 Mar 2008

I've done the car already, must remember the central heating clock.... Then there's the ones in the front room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the alarm clocks and all the wrist watches. What a chore, the day will be over before I get finished.

  STREETWORK 22:02 29 Mar 2008

Sod it, I'll just turn up at work an hour early on Monday, won't be the first time...

Can't wind it on, lost the instructions...

Anyone know how to alter the timer on the dvd recorder?, sod it I'll buy another one...

  belfman 22:21 29 Mar 2008

Great into work early just what I love to do :(

About time :P this daft idea was dropped.

You won't be an hour early - you'll be an hour late!

  WhiteTruckMan 00:13 30 Mar 2008

After 6 months of patience the clock on my video recorder will tell the correcttime.


  WhiteTruckMan 00:18 30 Mar 2008

the one in the car too.

But I really, really hope the digitach in my truck can sort itself out on monday morning, as I've lost the instruction book for it..:(


  Blackhat 00:50 30 Mar 2008

Changing my clocks isn't so straight forward. I have set up a time warp to ensure that my wife gets to work on time. Here's how it works;

She insists that it takes her 1 hour to get out of bed, ready and leave for work, I know better, this is what she doesn't know

Bedside radio alarm set 20 minutes fast, next room she is in is bathroom, clock set 15 minutes fast, then kitchen, set 10 minutes fast, then lounge at 5 minutes fast, she then leaves for work after an imaginary 1 hour that actualy lasted 1h 20m.

She is never late for work!

  DANZIG 02:41 30 Mar 2008

An hour less on the posh PC in the office (spare room) in the morning then......

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