Climate Change!!

  Phphred 10:31 06 Apr 2007

Do you think that we should start building DE-Salination plants ready for future water needs? Should our sea defences be strengthened where they are now or should the sea take whatever it wants?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 06 Apr 2007

Judging by the amount of rain that we have had in the last 6 months an umbrella factory would be more appropriate.


  MichelleC 10:41 06 Apr 2007

...Judging by the amount of rain that we have had in the last 6 months an umbrella factory would be more appropriate...

I bet they'll still be hosepipe bans in the summer.

  Forum Editor 10:45 06 Apr 2007

is a proven technology, and is already in wide use throughout the world. It isn't cheap to build and operate a desalination plant, and there are issues about where you take the seawater from, and how you return the salt concentrate to the environment after you've completed the cycle.

When I was last in Perth in Western Australia I went to see their new desalination plant, and very impressive it was. Water is a major problem in this part of Australia, and they are going to provide around 17% of Perth's daily needs via the desalination plant. The deslainated water will be blended with the 'normal' water.

As far as strengthening sea defences goes, well, we're already doing it, and have been for decades. The East coast is particularly vulnerable, and in many places there's not much that can be done. Costs are enormous, and the sea will win in the end anyway.

  Phphred 10:54 06 Apr 2007

Well I thought that Scotland would be the best place to get the cleanest sea water to de-salinate but at least we should start now and be prepared!
Yes we are strengthening the sea defences all of the time but I mean make them higher, although how high will they have to be?

  Forum Editor 11:04 06 Apr 2007

is slowly sinking, and that combined with rising sea levels will bring problems in the future. Defending hundreds of miles of coastline against the possibility (certainty, actually) of a freak spring tide coupled with an Atlantic surge pushing into the North sea isn't financially viable.

Sooner or later the Thames estuary will see a surge so huge that the raised banks and Greenwich flood barrier will not cope. The barriers will be overtopped and billions of tons of water will spill into the low-lying areas of East and central London. When that happens - and it will - there will be nothing that any of us can do, except try to minimise the loss of life.

It looks as if sea levels are going to continue to rise, and that will inevitably mean loss of coastline, large areas of new saltmarsh, and changing life-styles for coastal dwellers. We'll adapt, because we'll have no choice, and life will go on.

Water shortages are a different thing entirely, and yues, we should be exploring every possible way of increasing our available resources. Desalination has a great future, and anyone with some spare cash could do worse than invest in the technology.

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