`click here` within a thread

  futurhead 22:17 19 Apr 2005

this may seem a stupid question but how do i add a click here within a thread. most people here seem to do it often..

why is there no kind of guide on posting threads, i.e `click here` or adding pictures. This may seem simple to old hands at forums but us newbies don`t have a clue ...(alright i dont)

p.s i don`t have any exciting links to show you all is just for future reference..

  stalion 22:22 19 Apr 2005

just copy and paste the url address here and it is automatically changed for you also you can not post pics on here

  Totally-braindead 22:23 19 Apr 2005

The way I normally do it is to open another windows explorer window, go to the website I want to point the people to and then just copy and paste it into the thread.

  futurhead 22:24 19 Apr 2005

ah simple as that . thanks .

  futurhead 22:29 19 Apr 2005

just to try this out

any one into F1 try this . found it earlier

click here

  Forum Editor 23:20 19 Apr 2005

to forum use and etiquette futurhead, and I've taken the liberty of sending you a copy - some of it might prove helpful.

  dan11 23:40 19 Apr 2005

right first time. :-) well done.

To post a picture, I use photo impression 4, free with most epson printers. click here This captures the immage on the screen.

I then edit the picture in adobe photoshop ( you can do the same in paint). Then resize it. click here

The image is then ready to up-load to the web.

ImageShack is easy to use. click here Browse for the image, click here and then pick host it.

Double click on the thumbnail. click here and a fresh window will appear with the finished image in.

Right click the url, copy it and then paste it in your thread. click here

result > one nice piccy.

  dan11 23:44 19 Apr 2005

Right click the url, copy it and then paste it in your thread. click here

Some times you have to work on it. :-(


  Dan the Doctus 12:50 20 Apr 2005

Useful tip: if you ever have problems clicking on a link you can simply drag and drop it into the address bar. This works for IE but not sure about other browsers.

  Curio 14:19 20 Apr 2005

By George - He's got it!

  mcds01 16:22 20 Apr 2005

also works in good old firefox

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