A clever website

  mrwoowoo 03:14 20 Jul 2008

Just something to look at that amused my little mind.Must be because it's quite simple like me.
click here

  last starfighter 05:17 20 Jul 2008

At a glance it looks intresting, reminds me a bit like Ikea..? i'll look later on as its late & iam tired!!!

  Roadgiant 06:35 20 Jul 2008

Fascinating stuff, very cleverly done!

  rdave13 10:53 20 Jul 2008

A good bit of fun.

  spuds 11:41 20 Jul 2008

I thought it was a bit like the car and Guinness adverts on television.

After a time I began feeling overwhelmed dizzy ;o)

  mrwoowoo 16:02 20 Jul 2008

Yes it does seem to defeat the oject a bit at first thought.
The fact that someone finds it interesting enough to post on a forum gives it more exposure and opens it up to other people who would never have come across it.So in that way,it has worked.

  bluto1 21:23 20 Jul 2008

"I suppose you could justify it on those grounds but I'm never going to buy something from a Dutch company so it was a waste of effort getting me to look at the site."

A tad unfair fm, only you made any effort in looking at the site, you weren't forced. (:-))

  Chegs ®™ 04:20 21 Jul 2008

I regularly see adverts that dont instantly leap out at you as an advert for that product,I still get enjoyment from some adverts even though I have no intention of buying the product.That website doesnt interest me in any of the products offered and the site itself I dont find interesting enough to attempt to find a way to any other parts of the site so its failed.

  bjh 12:45 21 Jul 2008

It's also a style of advertising widely used by HEMA elsewhere (TV, other web-ads), so it's like hearing "every little helps" being used in a conversation and so straight off to... you go!

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