Clearing out old PC ADVISORS

  CODEYE 23:36 20 Aug 2004

While clearing out some old PC Advisors i skipped through issue 29 Feb 98 magazine. Looking at the reviews for Power PCs found the No.1 position to be taken by Dell Dimension XPS D300.
Processor Pentium 2 300mhz
Ram 64mb
Secondary cache 512kb
Hard drive 8gb
Cd rom 24x
Sound card sb awe64 value
Graphics card Matrox Millenium 2 8mb
Monitor 17inch
Modem 33.6kbps

all for the price of £1,929.
In the write up it is claimed as a MONSTER of a machine with a MASSIVE 8gb hard drive.

How things and value for money have changed over the years.

What about a years subscription to PC Advisor then, £21.89 delivered to your door compaired to now £23.97 not bad value Eh!

The magazine is thinner now due to less advertisers but content for reading is the same.

I wonder what changes we'll be looking at in another 6 years time ?

  jack 08:39 21 Aug 2004

This is the problem with our techie world
everything changes so fast.
My copy goes through about 4 hand before it comes bakc to me [about 6 weeks on] whereupon I break it up ans save all useful articals as a learning archive, for the group of silver surfers that I belong to. But such is advance I too have go through that lot because the info therein becomes dated.
But it all fun.

  pcwhizz 14:51 21 Aug 2004

I know the technie world seems to move on but eventually as we all know the world of microchips and pc's is going to reach a limit.

if it keeps goin wot r we going to use for

Pentium 64Bit 5.0Ghz
6gb of Ram
2gb Graphics Card

Seems unreal dont it. Well its gonna eventually happen.

  TOPCAT® 00:20 22 Aug 2004

moving on from the present technology. It is already appearing in flash memory and computer chips. Smaller, infinitely smaller is the way research science is going today, as Mother Nature herself has been doing for billions of years. It will soon be evolving for us in ways that currently astound the imagination. Have a look at this enlightening article. TC.

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