The Claudy Enqury

  morddwyd 20:20 24 Aug 2010

I know that this is likely to provoke some pretty polarised opinions, and I hope we can avoid the red padlock, but the results of this enquiry are shocking.

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The Government, police and the church are all supposed to have colluded in getting this priest across the border because

"If a priest had been arrested in connection with the Claudy bomb, it could have pushed community relations over the edge."

I'm not at all sure that is a legitimate defence or justification.

  Al94 20:31 24 Aug 2010

All these years later it doesn't seem legitimate but at the time the province was in a very dark place with the threat of civil war very real.

There is no surprise in this revelation, just official confirmation of what was known by many for a long time.

The Catholic Church are the ones with the real problem, hiding paedophiles and terrorist priests, who knows what else. They could have moved him to the far south of Ireland but chose to keep him in a parish not far from Derry after moving him from Northern Ireland. Speaks volumes about the mindset.

  octal 20:32 24 Aug 2010

So they are above the law then? I'm sitting here trying to put into words what I feel about this, but I can't without being one of those with the polarised opinions, so I think it's best for me to shut up and keep you thoughts to myself.

  octal 20:33 24 Aug 2010

"keep you thoughts to myself" should read keep my thoughts to myself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:58 24 Aug 2010

Nothing about that disgusting, immoral, reprehensible, xenophobic organisation and it's suspiciously silent, hapless, malleable members called the Catholic Church surprises me. As far as I'm concerned Henry II had the right idea when he got rid of Thomas Becket followed closely by Henry VIII's mad purge.


  morddwyd 21:34 24 Aug 2010

And the government and the RUC?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:15 24 Aug 2010

The Govt and the RUC are also reprehensible but the Catholics do seem to be involved in a lot of cover-ups recently which rather strangely, is at odds with the house reference book. The Catholic Church lies every time it issues any statements and it's Priests main job used to be to extort money out of hapless parishioners to feed it's fat underbelly (when they had time spare from having unnatural interests in boys).

I can assure you that I have more chance of waltzing through The Pearly Gates than any Catholic who are all incapable of seeing wrong or reporting wrong or hearing wrong.


  sunnystaines 22:27 24 Aug 2010

its all in the left foot.

  birdface 22:44 24 Aug 2010

I think we all feel the same as GANDALF <|:-)>but we don't come out and say it.
I suppose the priest who had never been charged of any crime could still carry out his duties as a priest.
But the church must have a lot to answer for letting him carry on knowing the atrocity's that he had helped commit.
I can understand why the British Government did not want him charged and how many more lives it may have caused if he had been charged.
If I had been a relation of anyone that died or injured I would have wanted to know the truth and they have had to wait all this time to find it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:45 24 Aug 2010

Firstly I should say that my view of the Catholic Church is much the same as expressed by GANDALF <|:-)>.

If the priest had been arrested and dealt with as a murderer, the catholic paramilitaries would have seen him as a martyr and used his imprisonment as an excuse for even more murders. Protestant paramilitaries would have used it as an excuse for more killing too. Enough people were killed in Ulster in 1972 as it was.

Allowing one murderer to get away with it likely saved many lives. If you cannot see that you must be very short-sighted.

  Strawballs 22:50 24 Aug 2010

Allowing one murderer to get away with it likely saved many lives. If you cannot see that you must be very short-sighted.

Please tell me you said that with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek!!!!!!!

Chatholic priests already think they are above the law that would just convince them that they really are.

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