Classic FM - not streaming well

  AroundAgain 22:16 19 Feb 2011


Not sure where to post this so trying here!

I listen to Classic FM, usually via radio because of problems with streaming. However, I sometimes want to listen to 'Listen Again' for some reasons, as I am doing at the moment but, as always, I find the streaming keeps stopping, as if it can't get through.

This is so annoying when in the middle of a lovely piece, as you may imagine.

I have emailed Classic FN but had no success with a solution. My internet connection usually runs at about 2.5Mbps which, I know isn't particularly fast, but is OK.

Can anyone suggest how I can improve this streaming. It only seems to be with Classic FM. Any suggestions welcomed.


  rdave13 22:26 19 Feb 2011

Depending on time of day your BB speed might be low.
When you have these problems try a speed test via speedtest; click here
You can copy the results and if the speed is low then contact your ISP. See if they can help.

  AroundAgain 22:57 19 Feb 2011

Thanks for that thought, rdave. Will do that right now, as the streaming has just stopped, yet AGAIN!!! It's so infuriating!
Will post my results

  AroundAgain 23:08 19 Feb 2011

Arrgggg!!! The 'Listen Again' has stopped after 2 hours listening. It's a three-hour broadcast and the piece I particularly want to listen to is 2 1/2 hours into the show!

So, that's really miffed me now, seeing as I have been waiting all this time.

The speed that showed was png 60; Download 2.42Mbps; Upload 0.38

These speeds are within my normal range.

I will try speaking to BT, my ISP, tomorrow but what's the betting it's nothing to do with them!!! and that is assuming they understand what I am asking and assuming I understand what they are saying (sorry folks, but I have a problem with the accents - no offence meant)

Any other suggestions/solutions as to why Classic FM doesn't stream well would be welcome


  rdave13 23:33 19 Feb 2011

Possibly your temp folders are getting rather large.
Two programs to clean out your folder but be aware that your name and passwords are also deleted if you run these programs on default setting. History is also deleted. Up to you to read up how to preserve cookies you wish to keep.
Cleanup; click here

Cleaner; click here
See if streaming is better once you configuer these clean up apps to your prefference.

  rdave13 23:37 19 Feb 2011

Why don't I use the spell checker....? :(

  AroundAgain 11:47 20 Feb 2011

Thanks rdave

I have checked for temp files and they're ok. I'm not happy using Cleanup/Cleaner as had problems before etc.

However, I can't understand why streaming with CFM is so poor when streaming any other radio or iBBC program is fine.

It looks like I'll just have to put up with it. I can listen via radio but that means I can't 'Listen Again'

Thanks for your help

Does no-one else have the same problem, I wonder?

  Chegs ®™ 12:08 20 Feb 2011

I used to listen to until they seemed to drop the bitrate to such a level it was like listening to in-ear phones from several feet away,that & their server was forever "falling over" & the station would go off for hours.Not much help to you,but your problem "could" possibly be their server too.

  Al94 14:07 20 Feb 2011

I listen to it here click here and it streams perfectly with good sound quality

  AroundAgain 14:54 20 Feb 2011

Thanks for the link Al94. I will be trying that when I need to use the PC to listen. Unfortunately, though, that doesn't help when I want to 'Listen Again'

I suspect it may be a server problem at CFM's end so I will contact them and let them know there is a problem.

Thanks for all your help. It's much appreciated

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