Class, RN Style

  morddwyd 21:01 16 Jul 2012

The RAF do quite well with London flypasts, and the army have their Trooping, but to sail the Ocean up the Thames with the Olympic rings perfectly formed, in the correct colours, by airy fairy ratings on the flight deck, a formation which they knew could only be seen from the air, shows a panache, honed by years of tradition, that the others can only dream of!

Well done the Andrew (from a forty year crabfat!).

  Aitchbee 21:15 16 Jul 2012

A better scenario would be 'KING KONG' jugglin' the rings in one hand and 'nimbly' steppin' over the Thames' bridges with a lighted Olympic Torch 'the size of BIG BEN' in the other...that would impress even me. (not I)

  john bunyan 21:38 16 Jul 2012


A very generous tribute from our RAF friends. I hope the RM on board were involved!!

  Bing.alau 22:33 16 Jul 2012

john bunyan. We don't have many bootnecks on board ships these days. Years ago the Ocean would have had a detachment of about a hundred of them, manning the guns etc. The cruiser I served on for a commission had a detachment of about 50 of us. But then you already know about those days of course. Did you ever have the pleasure of being a "Young Joe"? or an "Old Joe" for that matter. I hated life aboard ship. I preferred my feet on Terra Firma and managed to keep them there for the rest of my service. Thank God!

I suppose they will have a temporary presence to assist with security, I believe they will be manning guns from helicopters as snipers etc. I don't think it's been kept secret, I just hope they do not have to be used in anger.

  john bunyan 22:49 16 Jul 2012


Usually,what you say is true, However Ocean is the biggest Assault ship now, and houses 9 Assault Squadron RM. For the Olympics there are about 480 RM Commandos etc on board, including helicopter sniper teams.

See HMS Ocean

A similar situation will apply to HMS Bulwark,off Portland.

  Woolwell 22:51 16 Jul 2012

Thanks morddwyd.

Bingalau - HMS Ocean as an LPH has a permanent detachment of Royals onboard - 9 ASRM which I think is about 32 strong.

  john bunyan 22:52 16 Jul 2012

Also see here: 42 Commando etc

  Woolwell 22:54 16 Jul 2012

Correction - 2 Officers plus 24 other ranks.

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