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  Terry Brown 22:14 07 Apr 2012

I went to se some friends yesterday, and as normal, we all went to the local CIU club (with our wives). My friend and wife got in OK as he is a member of that club, but when I tried to sign in, I was told 'new rules', I can come in as an associate, but unlless my wife was also a member she could not come in.

Result - We all went elsewhere.

It has been the rule for as long as I can remember (I have been a member for over 30 years)that wives was always allowed in with a member or Associate.

How to get around it-- My wife must also become a Full mmeber, but cannot because the books are full.

If you want to lose what is already a dwindling membership, this is the way to do it.

Apparantly it was passed earlier in the year, but no one bothered to let the members know.

How would you feel?


  Chegs ®™ 01:33 08 Apr 2012

Rulebook Amendments I see no mention of the situation you described,but if the same were to happen to me I too would simply go elsewhere.

  morddwyd 10:04 08 Apr 2012

Bit confused.

Are you a full member or an associate member?

  WhiteTruckMan 10:12 08 Apr 2012

I have a simple response to any situation like that, or where I am dissatisfied with quality of product or service. Me and my money both say 'goodbye'.

You will find your money will spend just as well elsewhere, and the loss will be theirs, not yours.


  Bapou 12:25 08 Apr 2012

Should have bought the doorman a pint! I've never been in a CIU club for years even though there's plenty around here, unless there has been a change, some of those doormen could be stroppy about entrance. A pint usually fixed it.

  Quickbeam 13:08 08 Apr 2012

'the books are full.'

That must be the only WMC in the whole country that has full books. I was told that in 1983 when it would have been true. I only wanted the card for easy entrance to clubs for the bands that played in local clubs, I've still never bothered asking again, I'm not very forgiving of a slight...

  Aitchbee 15:54 08 Apr 2012

...what does CIU mean, having lived a sheltered far?

  john bunyan 16:03 08 Apr 2012

what does CIU mean, having lived a sheltered far?

Ever heard of Google?

  Aitchbee 16:47 08 Apr 2012

I would like to get the answer from a respected forum member, john bunyan.

If I do not get a response then I shall put it, on the back-burner.

  Bapou 17:45 08 Apr 2012

Club and Institute Union. Commonly referred to as The Working Mens Club. Once upon a time, great entertainment on a Saturday night, beer cheaper than the pub across the road, that's if you like Federation Ale of course.

Many a comedian worked the clubs early in their career learning their trade the hard way, tough audiences in the mining towns clubs sent many a one packing. Others went on to fame and fortune, the tough experience stood them in good stead.

These days I never hear of entertainment, only bingo in the concert room to keep folk amused.

Answering the question, I have always understood, once you become a member, paid your dues, you are affiliated to the CIU and allowed entrance to any other affiliated club. Being able to sign in your wife as a guest has to be part of the contract surely.

  Aitchbee 17:54 08 Apr 2012

Thanks Bapou - in Castlemilk, a big housing scheme in Glasgow, the equivalent used to be called 'The Labour Club'...but 'cos SNP have got in, it might now be called 'the White Heather Club'.

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