Circuit breakers...

  Quickbeam 22:20 06 Jun 2008

Just flipping through the Srewfix Direct catalogue and I see there are circuit breakers that seem to just replace the old rewirable two prong fuse holders in older fuseboards.

Has anyone done this conversion, is it as simple as it seems?

  Quickbeam 22:21 06 Jun 2008

Better picture on this site click here

  rdave13 22:22 06 Jun 2008

Piece of cake. Now just give me time to find the printed page I have filed err somewhere...

  Quickbeam 22:23 06 Jun 2008

That must be a record response and solution time!!

  rdave13 22:24 06 Jun 2008

Found it. You need Wylex SP Type B Plug In MCB 3kA? I'll find the link.

  rdave13 22:28 06 Jun 2008

click here

Scroll down to 40830 and shows the background colours. Be aware that 30A is 32A and 15A is 16A.

  Quickbeam 22:31 06 Jun 2008

I'll get down to City Electrical first thing in the morning:)

  rdave13 22:39 06 Jun 2008

Check on your fuseboard how many 30A(32A) and 15A (16A) you need .
For 2 16A SP Type B Plug in MCB 3k

1 6A SP Type B Plug in MCB 3kA
1 20A SP Type B Plug in MCB 3k and
2 32A SP Type B Plug in MCB 3k

Total cost with delivery (£5) £48.50
Not bad.

  wiz-king 06:18 07 Jun 2008

Just be aware that they are deeper and that if you have a fuse cover on your fuseboard it may not fit back.

  crosstrainer 06:33 07 Jun 2008

Would the better soloution not be to buy a new box? I was advised to do this some time ago, and it wasn't that expensive...(I purchased the box, and had a NCIEC sparks wire it in) Tool about half an hour and he charged me 65 quid.

  Quickbeam 08:12 07 Jun 2008

I'll have a new box when the house gets rewired... but I'm not in the mood for a total redecoration this year:(

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