CIA Prison's

  donki 19:41 07 Jun 2007

Just heard on the news about the evidence of 2 CIA prisons/detention centres in Europe (Poland & Romania). Apparently there is now evidence that high profile terrorists have been moved to these areas for interigation and torture. The Bush Administration obviously deny this. Was just wondering could it be possible that the CIA do this under the radar and Bush doesn't know or does he pull the strings in the whole matter? Surely if this is true a bigger deal should be being made of it all?

  anskyber 19:45 07 Jun 2007

Here's the link click here

  donki 19:46 07 Jun 2007

I had it copied but forgot to add it.

  Forum Editor 19:57 07 Jun 2007

that a good deal goes under the radar as far as president Bush is concerned, but in fairness to him, if this story is true, and he denies any knowledge of it he may well be telling the truth. He wouldn't be the first American president to be unaware of some of the things being done by the CIA.

  Kate B 20:32 07 Jun 2007

True, but I'm afraid I still hold Bush responsible. The buck stops with him.

  medicine hat 20:38 07 Jun 2007

"President George W Bush said last September that all secret prison sites were "empty"." so he would appear to know quite a lot about them.

What I always find rather bizarre about this "extraordinary rendition" process is the other countries involved - Iran and Syria aren't exactly America's biggest fans. Poland though seems to be cozying up nicely with that missile shield thing that's got Putin so steamed up.

Don't these prisons violate some EU law, which Poland presumably agreed to abide to before it joined the EU in 2004?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:45 07 Jun 2007

Unlike the leader of another English speaking nation who seems to believe the buck doesnt even slow down near him.

I think he could quite easily issue orders stopping this practice. On the whole this is far easier to do than to start something.

But I am mindfull of the replys of nixons men as to why there was a coverup about the watergate break in, and he replied something like it was never suggested that there wouldn't actually be a cover up.


  spuds 22:06 07 Jun 2007

Nothing new. Its surprising what a few amateur plane spotters can find!!.

  Forum Editor 22:49 07 Jun 2007

if you believe that all an American president has to do is issue an order and it will be so.

Saying that the buck stops with the president is like saying that the Queen is the head of all our armed forces - it's technically true, but we all know the real situation.

  donki 23:13 07 Jun 2007

The president of the US is never anything more than a figure head, do you really thing someone with Bush's intelligence could orcastrate things? I believe the CIA and indeed prob FBI have been carying out such activities for a long time and will continue to do so. Even if Bush wanted to do something about it he coudlnt because he doesnt have the power. He may be the fall guy for such actities but the people who carry out these "Black ops" are very good at keeping themselves to themselves and hold alot of power.

  wee eddie 09:47 08 Jun 2007

Few of us will condone the treatment of supposed Terrorists in any manner other than the way we treat all other prisoners.

However it is not quite as simple as that. Those who are willing to give their lives to destroy folk of a different persuasion are rarely simple to deal with.

So: I throw up my hands in horror at Extreme Rendition but haven't an alternative to offer.

If you have a better way of addressing the situation. Tell us.

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