Chuck Berry taken ill during gig

  peter99co 15:34 02 Jan 2011

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Berry, 84, later re-emerged but told fans he had no strength to continue performing

  spuds 15:49 02 Jan 2011

At 84 your mind tells you one thing, but your body tells you another. Best to take the bodies advice, and perhaps live a few years longer?.

  morddwyd 17:02 02 Jan 2011

Or even before 84 in some cases!

  rickf 17:25 02 Jan 2011

They say the same thing every year, ie, services will improve when fares rise. What lot of XXXXXXXx
Just plain bad management that they can't make a proper profit. It is unavoidable service for people, for God's sake. We ae forced to use it if we have to travel to work. Basically, they have got us at their mercy and the Government shouldn't allow this to go unchecked. There'll be some here who will defend the rise I am sure. Perhaps you can afford it.

  Quiller. 17:36 02 Jan 2011

Everyone has to do their bit;-)

If it cuts down the subsidy the taxpayer has to pay to the rail company's, good.


Sorry about the drift. I think it's about time Chuck put his feet up.

  Forum Editor 19:25 02 Jan 2011

I played guitar in a band. We dreamed of rock stardom, but had to settle for Friday and Saturday nights gigging in the Surrey Pubs.

At my audition I had to play along to 'Long distance information' by Chuck, and it was the scariest few minutes of my life. I must have made it sound vaguely like the original because I was in, but each time I hear the track I get a twinge of that old feeling. I could play it in my sleep. I hope he manages to hang on for a while longer.

  eikonuj 22:31 02 Jan 2011

You must mean 'Memphis, Tennessee', I saw him at Hammersmith Odeon (as was) and everyone knew all the words to all the songs.

  Forum Editor 23:58 02 Jan 2011

Yes, Memphis Tennessee is the song. We always referred to it as 'Long Distance Information'. The reason was that the track was released twice. The first (original version) was released in 1958 as a 'B' side of a single, but five years later the record company release another version which was slightly different. It was (for some reason best known to them)faked to make it sound as if it had been recorded live on stage.

We used to imitate the original version and called it 'Long distance information' on stage. I've referred to it that way ever since. It's not that hard for a guitarist to play - if it was I wouldn't have tried it!

  Graham. 00:05 03 Jan 2011

A local version of the news click here

  Graham. 00:21 03 Jan 2011

I agree with the comments on that site - people should not be booking him now, he's too stubborn to turn gigs down.

I don't think he has a manager or agent, he does everything himself.

  Forum Editor 00:44 03 Jan 2011

Like a lot of performers he's finding it hard to stop - he's never done anything else, and I imagine he has been encouraged by promoters eager to turn a buck.

There's nobody to say 'stop', so he'll try to carry on.

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