Christmas advice

  Nellie2 07:47 13 Nov 2006

It's getting near to that time of year again, no doubt you will know of family members or friends who will be treating themselves or their children to a nice new bit of kit or an online connection.

As the person in their lives who knows a bit about computers, I expect you will be asked to help set it up and you will be asked for a little expert advice, which will go in one ear and out of the other because they just can't wait to get started!!

May I suggest that you leave them with a few sites to visit... perhaps even make a HTML file with some handy links and leave it on their desktop. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Get Safe Online: click here A site sponsored by the UK Government and leading businesses to help you protect yourself against internet threats. And excellent site and well worth spending some time browsing around it. My only gripe is that they don't really have a comprehensive list of freely available software but I have a few listed on my Favourites page. click here

Bank Safe online; click here Provides advice on steps to take to bank safely online, plus a whole lot more. Make sure you check out the Helpful Sites page.

Stay Safe Online click here - A US site similar to Get Safe Online, well worth a visit.

Think U Know click here - Teenagers know it all.. and this is an excellent site aimed at them to make sure that they do know it all when it comes to staying safe and having fun on the internet.

Chatdanger click here - It's an exciting world out there and our kids are going to chat whether we like it or not. This site has been produced by the charity Childnet International. Another great site for teaching kids about online safety.

Microsoft Security at Home click here - This is Microsoft's security site and is another great place to start to get information about how to keep yourself, your computer and your children safe and secure online, it will also keep you up to date with all the Windows XP related news.

Finally... our kids love to talk and they love Messenger and they will love Messenger Plus Live, because all their friends have it. Please make sure you check that they install this program without the sponsor program, Lop infections seem to make a dramatic increase over the Christmas period for some reason or other!!!! Sandi Hardmeier has a nice write up on the latest version of MessengerPlus on her blog click here

  Jim Thing 07:57 13 Nov 2006

Splendid post. Thank you, Nellie2

  €dstowe 08:19 13 Nov 2006

Excellent. Some of my staff have already been asked advice - I'll pass this on to them.

Thanks a lot.

  Monoux 09:18 13 Nov 2006

Perfect timing-- my daughter has just told us she is being harrased on MSN, via a contact given to her by a friend. Big online argument and he now threatening to have her killed . Only costs £100.00 ( a days pay ) according to him. She is naturaly terrified especially as after she has blocked and deleted him her friends are being pumped for information about her.
We are in two minds as to whether or not to involve the Police or let it fade away as he apparantly lives about 90 miles from us. We do have a print out of the conversation.
It is so difficult knowing whether to take this further or let it fade away as we have no idea of what this person is like.

  g0slp 09:26 13 Nov 2006

Don't hesitate, get it reported, especially as you have hard copy of the dialogue. (Well done, whoever had the presence of mind to print it off).

  anskyber 09:42 13 Nov 2006

Hi, thanks.

  Brumas 09:54 13 Nov 2006

forewarned is forearmed - well done Nellie2

  Diemmess 09:57 13 Nov 2006

What a valuable checklist you have published! Thank you very much.

  Curio 10:55 13 Nov 2006

A really useful Xmas List.

  Bingalau 12:21 13 Nov 2006

Monoux. Inform the police, that's what they are there for. ..Bingalau..

  Altruist 12:44 13 Nov 2006

Nellie2......very useful advice.

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