Chris Moyles now in hot water

  Stuartli 21:29 03 Dec 2008

Do these people ever learn?

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  Switcher 22:17 03 Dec 2008

These people with never learn as long as the BBC are daft enough to pay them "film star wages" which makes them think they are above ordinary mortals and of course as long as people are daft enough to listen to them. These were surely racist remarks and the police should be knocking on his door.

  DANZIG 22:58 03 Dec 2008

And jokes about Irish people, Scottish people, women, men, young people, old people, etc etc etc ad nauseum are acceptable??

Get a grip and stop jumping on bandwagons.

  Forum Editor 00:01 04 Dec 2008

by issuing a ludicrously foolish statement that attempts to persuade people that Moyles didn't really say what everyone knows he said.

He overstepped the mark, and apparently offended a group of people who have complained to the BBC about it. We can debate whether or not their complaint is justified until the cows come home, but that#s not the point. All they want is an apology of some kind and they'll be content. It would be easy to do, but it seems that the BBC can't even get a simple thing like that right.

  Switcher 00:17 04 Dec 2008

Saying that Poles make good prostitutes is not a joke. I do not understand your reference to jumping on bandwagons. I express my own views on topics which are raised. That is what I understand is the purpose of this forum. What is more I can manage to do it without being offensive to our members. That I believe is one of the rules of this forum.

  interzone55 09:03 04 Dec 2008

I'll not attempt to defend Moyles about this, he's a complete a**e and should have been sacked long ago.

But in defence of the BBC, how on earth can they stop fools saying stuff like this on live radio, DJs have been saying stuff like this for a long time, and will continue to do so.

It's not the big money that makes them think they're above ordinary mortals, it's the audience that makes their heads swell. Moyles has been acting like this since his first shows on Radio One, and for all I know he was just the same on Pulse FM and Topshop Radio before that...

  laurie53 09:13 04 Dec 2008

He should get together with Clarkson.

They could up some really hilarious jokes about lorry drivers murdering Polish prostitutes.

What is it that many males think is so funny about sexual exploitation?

  crosstrainer 09:21 04 Dec 2008

I stick to Radio 4, and Five Live.

Off the cuff, rude and offensive remarks are not entertainment!

Will the be censured (maybe) but they will carry on, because this seems to be what the younger generation find amusing. I alway's thought that Steve Wright and Terry Wogan had it the right way around.

Before the flood gates of angst open, I know that not all younger members of society are interested in this stuff.

  The Brigadier 14:47 04 Dec 2008

Who's Chris Moyles?

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