Chip-Stealing Seagulls!

  Autoschediastic 08:42 13 Jul 2011

Having been brought up close to "Brid" ive been there many a time and these birds are what can only be described as "HUGE!" They are so big that when they are stood on the harbour wall you feel intimidated by them, IVe fed them before and they can EASILY eat a full bag of chips to themselves??

As the picture in the story shows the mouths on these humongous birds are a gaping hole lol

Not sure if asking the public would stop them though cause they would & do simply fly next to you and in some cases whilst you look left they are too your right and steal the chips lol ive been there and had it happen to me...

Story Here

  wee eddie 08:55 13 Jul 2011

The latest Health Scare.

Obesity outbreak among British Seagulls!

  morddwyd 08:56 13 Jul 2011

This is a regular story in Newquay in Cornwall, and has been for the best part of forty years or so.

Down there they have even been known to grab a complete pasty out of somebody's hand.

I think it is now an offence under local bye laws to feed the gulls.

  Brumas 09:23 13 Jul 2011

We live close to Seagull City (Berwick upon Tweed) where a lot of the herring gulls are as big as bloomin cats. There have been talks of culls on and off now for ages but nothing seems to happen! Many times when we get back to the car we have to deal with the guano they have left - it is getting beyond a joke! I class them along with the pigeons?flying rats!! It is a question of Health and Safety really.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 13 Jul 2011

Seagull City (Berwick upon Tweed) did'nt think that was so bad when I was there however Staithes here" target="_blank">">here surrounded by Sandstone Cliffs lovely spot have the noisieest seagulls I've ever heard.

No problems with the guano on your car though as your car is not allowed in the village :0)

Seen seagulls stealing chips at Lynmouth and Whitby recently so theu are obviously passing the message on :0)

  Crosstrainer2 11:41 13 Jul 2011


That has got to be a record.....:))

  Autoschediastic 12:55 13 Jul 2011

Fruit bat thats just bloody awesome! i dont think ive laughed like that for a while!! cheers and to top it all to be directed to googles home page ROTFL

"morddwyd" a FULL pasty? really...?

  Covergirl 13:03 13 Jul 2011
  morddwyd 13:54 13 Jul 2011


Yes, a full pasty, and thirty/forty years ago they were still real "oggies" not the minuscule ones now that you can hold with one hand!

  sunnystaines 15:09 13 Jul 2011

During and pre war seagulls and their eggs weere regulary eaten, why has this stopped it would keep the numbers down.

  birdface 15:19 13 Jul 2011

Just as bad north of the border.

Try eating a bag of chips at Rothesay sea front and see how long you last.

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