Chip and Pin (rant)

  Covergirl 12:43 11 Dec 2009

After 5 years with chip & pin, I'm still getting the girls and boys at the till telling me "you can put your pin in now and press the green button, please" (Yes, I know, it tells me that on the screen!) and "You can take your card now, thank you" (Yes, I've already read the message on the screen and I was just reaching for it).

Thanks, glad you told me or I'd still be stood here wondering what to do next. Tccchhh !

  canarieslover 13:06 11 Dec 2009

You can pack your shopping in the bag and go home now.

  babybell 13:18 11 Dec 2009

"Would you like a hand with your packing?"

Please, I hate doing this bit, i'll just watch instead and read my Radio Times.

  wee eddie 13:33 11 Dec 2009

Were you Visually Handicapped, these Verbal Instruction would be invaluable.

  Bingalau 14:14 11 Dec 2009

I agree with wee eddie, but if your rant makes you feel better, then that is a good thing too. You can't beat getting things off your chest. I like a good rant myself now and again, but find it is better done in private. That way you upset no one.

  Covergirl 14:25 11 Dec 2009

No thanks - I'd prefer to pack stuff neatly rather than your staff chuck it into a carrier bag for me, thanks.

By the way, now you have seen me pack my shopping, do you still think I might be visually impaired?

wee eddie - point taken :-)

  Covergirl 14:28 11 Dec 2009

No thanks, I'd rather not have the local ATC / Cubs / Scouts / Brownies / Boys Brigade / TA do it for me either because I don't carry cash therefore I can't pay them - sorry, I mean, I can't give them a donation.

  red1977 14:43 11 Dec 2009

I agree with your sentiments but easy on the poor ATC/cubs etc etc. In my experience they will pack even if you can't donate.

  Clapton is God 16:09 11 Dec 2009

And I doubt very much that the TA would be available to help because, like the other Reserve services, many of them are currently deployed in Afghanistan.

  spuds 16:24 11 Dec 2009

I recall a few months ago at our local chemist, and noticing a credit/debit card still in the pin machine. Pointing this out to the staff, I was informed "This happens all the time, that is why we try to remember to tell people to remove their cards after using it".

I asked as to what happened to the abandoned cards. "Some people return and others do not bother. If the person is a regular who we know, we will return it to them. The others, we try to notify the card company".

  PalaeoBill 17:47 11 Dec 2009

On the epos systems that I have worked on the message comes up on the checkout screen that your girl or boy is looking at, they are not looking at your chip & pin machine as they are trained not to (so you don't feel like your being watched when you key in your pin).
The 'girls and boys' tend to work from a script that they are taught, they have to say the things that annoy you. Its the store and its training programme at fault.

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