Chip and pin

  rsinbad 20:23 16 Sep 2006

My partner who normally shops at morrisons needed a few bits and was close to Tesco's.
So she went in and bought the items about £30 she used the self scan to checkout. Scanned her items the assistant put her card in and paid the £30 pounds due.

My partner said dont i have to put in my pin number or sign something.The assistant said no as long as its under £40 you dont have to.

surely this practice undermines the idea of chip and pin

  p;3 20:29 16 Sep 2006

I would expect to have to put my pin in whenever I use my card; I presume that Tesco have a policy for repaying any customer who has had their card stollen and misused at their tills, as I see this open to abuse and misuse ?

I am wondering if I am reading the original posting right

  octal 20:37 16 Sep 2006

rsinbad is correct:

click here

  p;3 20:43 16 Sep 2006

"Tesco says it has a warning system that puts a limit on the amount customers spend at the self-scan tills, but says it will gradually be rolling out chip and Pin.

It said: 'Because the levels of fraud are so low we did not feel that it justified installation from the start.' "

the second paragraph I find leaves them wide open to fraud and ...

chip and pin alwasy please;

if you have forgotten your pin..then no cash nor goods..simple

  rsinbad 21:12 16 Sep 2006

Makes you wander how safe things are ok Tesco needs update.

At least there should be a signature,£50 may not be much to Tesco ;but could mean alot to an unemployed person.

Whats to stop someone finding a card going in several times.

As i said i dont shop there but if i lost my card someone else may well do so.

  martjc 23:29 16 Sep 2006

...delivered to the wrong address. The 'person' who got it used it many times in Tescos and a local booze shop to make purchases of about £1,000 before I realised what was happening.

As it happened, my bank [Barclays] accepted the loss and it cost me nothing. But, I still resent the fact that that person got the goods in the first place.

Chip and pin should be adhered to strictly, even for a £1 purchase!

  spuds 12:17 17 Sep 2006

Still surprising that some well known companies are still using signatures and have not transfered to Chip and Pin yet. Within the last two days, I have used two such establishments.

  Forum Editor 14:55 17 Sep 2006

It simply wouldn't be practical.

Hundreds of thousands of people use credit cards to buy tickets from automated ticket dispensers on the London Underground, and there's no PIN verification - it would take far too long. The card is just charged with the payment, and that's that. If someone gets hold of your card he/she could use it in that way for some time before you would know.

Safeguard your card, as well as your PIN.

  rsinbad 23:19 17 Sep 2006

At least one would expect a signature from a large retailer like Tesco, afterall its our security that is open to abuse.

chip and pin is supposed to make things more secure for customers.

I have spoken to the customer serevices and they agree that there have beeen many complaints regarding this issue.

Saving money at the expense of customer security is unacceptable.

  Forum Editor 23:55 17 Sep 2006

is supposed to make things more secure for customers"

and it does. It's just that no system is ever going to be perfect, and with anything new there'll always be a period during which both customers and retailers are adjusting to a new way of working. Tesco are right when they say that fraud levels on their self-check system are very low, but I'm sure that as Britain's biggest food retailers they'll listen to their customers.

  wee eddie 08:13 18 Sep 2006

I think that Tesco Stores have CCTV Monitors throughout their Stores.

Given the Date, Time & Till Number that the transaction took place, it should be relatively easy to identify the purchaser.

I think that they are right in suggesting that Card Fraud is fairly minimal.

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