China, Thailand, Iraq, Germany, Norway and now ...

  LastChip 22:00 12 Jul 2004


All these governments embracing Linux. click here for the latest story.

Some skeptics might say, well France has chosen a French company solution, but others may accept that in the circumstances, the French simply chose the best overall package. One must remember of course, Linux IS strong in the server arena.

1500 servers is a significant migration, so presumably, their IT folk consider Linux to be perfectly capable.

Further on, the artical say's they are evaluating migrating 15,000 desktops. If it happens, that would be major coup for Mandrake. Microsoft however, is reportedly challenging with a 60% discount, to try to keep Windows on the desktop.

All credit to our FE. He said a while back, that if Linux threatened Windows on the desktop, Microsoft would counteract with price cuts. Let the battle commence!

  spuds 01:04 13 Jul 2004

Not only international governments, but UK councils, are being a little more selective on their software packages.

  Djohn 02:37 13 Jul 2004

For those that are thinking of giving Linux a trial but not sure how to, powerless has done an excellent tutorial with graphics on how to install, set up and use. He explains how to install to a separate drive or partition so that you can have a dual boot system.

  Valvegrid 07:01 13 Jul 2004

About three weeks ago I got a copy of Xandros Desktop V2. I cleaned of all the rubbish from one of my partitions, stuck the CD in the drive, switched on the computer, told it where I wanted it to install and about half hour later I was on the Internet, it couldn't be simpler . It dual boots with my Windows 98.

Being a complete novice, let the learning curve begin! If you are not into games, although there are plenty, it seems to do everything I need.

I haven't used Windows for a couple of weeks now, I can't seem to see any reason to go back, unless I get bored and want a bit of fun going on the Internet and making sure I've updated all my AV, spyware and Trojan cleaners.

I doubt whether I'll be returning to Windows, apart for using as a secondary system to run my DOS programs, but I belive I may even be able to run them using 'Crossover'.

  norman47 08:10 13 Jul 2004

Can you post the link to the powerless tutorial please.

  Djohn 10:20 13 Jul 2004

click here is a link to his as yet unfinished site were you will find several guides. The Linux one is not yet on the site But I have seen it, Its a four part guide and very well done, easy to follow.

I'm sure if he sees this thread he will point you to the guide. in the meantime I will contact him and mention this thread.

Regards. j.

  norman47 11:05 13 Jul 2004

Thank you for the information. I will have a look at the site now.

  zootmo 11:50 13 Jul 2004

There is one more way to get a Linux “taster”, Linux can be run from a CD anyone interested click here or as an alternative click here both of these will boot from a CD and run. When you reboot after removing the Linux CD you are back in good old Windows.

  zootmo 11:52 13 Jul 2004

Sorry those links are broken suse linux and mandrake linux should have been in the links. My apologies

This is all interesting stuff, I like the idea of testing from a CD without having to install.

So, following the thread from zootmo, I went to the Suse Linux site and downloaded the free ISO Image and burnt to a CD.

The problem is I can't see how you can test it by running from the CD, it wants to install.

Am I missing a trick here, or have I downloaded the wrong file?

  LastChip 18:48 14 Jul 2004

Did you download this;

SUSE LINUX for i386 Live-Eval

If so, set up your computer to boot from a CD (First boot device), pop the CD into the drive and bootup.

You could also try Mandrake Move click here which I know works very well. Do be aware though, as you are running from a CD, the operating system will be slower than if it were on a hard drive. With Mandrake Move, once the system has loaded, you can remove the CD and place any others in you wish to try with it. I believe this is unique to "Move".

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