johndrew 13:10 17 Oct 2010

I requested information on the chimney of a stove installed in a conservatory (glass & plastic variety) attached to a standard semi-detached house. The reason for the information is that the chimney height is currently some feet lower than the eves of the house ans smoke from it enters the neighbouring property.

The response I received is:

"A chimney can be installed on a dwelling house
without the need for planning permission as long as the height of the chimney doesn't exceed the highest part of the roof by 1 metre or more."

This appears to apply to a dwelling house rather than an extension to it. Has anyone any experience of this situation and/or can clarify whether this is the rule that applies?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Forum Editor 13:36 17 Oct 2010

the flue from a heating appliance must comply with approved document J of the building regulations.

It can get complicated, because the requirements vary according to the type of appliance, the room in which it's situated, and the wall or roof through which the flue passes.

You mention that 'smoke' enters the neighbouring property, so I'm assuming this is a wood-burning stove. That being the case, and speaking generally, if the top of the flue pipe is within 2300mm measured horizontally of a window or other opening in the building, it must rise at least 1000mm above the top of the window or opening.

That means that your flue must run up the rear wall of your house and terminate at least 1000mm above the top of your neighbour's nearest window, if that window is within 2300mm of the flue.

  961 15:54 17 Oct 2010

Not clear to me if you are getting smoke from a stove next door or your neighbours are complaining about your stove

I should say at the start that I live in Scotland and the building regs are slightly different

However my understanding is that the outlet of a chimney must be a certain height above the roof

click here

Gas and oil may be different

  johndrew 16:57 17 Oct 2010

Thanks for coming back people.

The stove is not mine nor is the property directly affected - however many of us suffer from this chimney.

It is a 'wood' burning type stove but what is actually burned is anyone's guess. The chimney is through the polycarbonate of the conservatory roof and ends about 3 or 4 feet below the house roof eves but is about 3 feet above the conservatory roof but not the peak of that roof. The nearest windows belong to the property to which the conservatory is attached and are little more than a yard or so away.

The link shows chimneys through the roof of a house - but the conservatory is only half the height of a house which leaves me without a good answer.

I can provide a photo which shows the problem if there is a way of doing so.

Any further help would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 17:11 17 Oct 2010

Running a flue through a polycarbonate roof is OK, as long as it's a twin-wall flue, and is properly weathered as it exits the roof.

A photo would be good, but I can tell you that terminating a flue below the eaves of a house is OK, provided there are no windows within 2300mm of the flue outlet. From what you say it seems that the flue outlet is much nearer to a window than that, and it will therefore not comply with the regulations.

Email an image to me, and I may be able to provide a more detailed opinion.

  spuds 17:49 17 Oct 2010

If the chimney is causing 'pollution' to people and other properties in the area, then the council and their appropriate department will inspect and deal with any problems if there are any complaints. This will also apply if the offending item is in a conservation area, and as not been approved by the council.

  johndrew 11:45 19 Oct 2010

I have contacted the local council with the additional information provided and they have 'twitched' violently and passed the requests 'upstairs'.

Be interesting to see how they now respond.

  Forum Editor 16:48 19 Oct 2010

to your email?

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