The Chillean mine rescue

  Quickbeam 09:34 13 Oct 2010

as it happens click here

  sunnystaines 09:51 13 Oct 2010

watch it live last night saw the first one come out, to ill to sleep.

  ella33 09:53 13 Oct 2010

It has been so fantastic to see the rescued miners as they greeted everyone and my thoughts are certainly with the remaining miners.

Reading the link, I was surprised to read that the number 33 was so significant! Especially as I chose it at random for my user name. Let's hope that the number of miners waiting to be rescued doesn't remain at 33 for too long as they are superstitious. In fact I read elsewhere that there were 31 miners remaining?

It is worrying to know that some of the remaining people are less fit than the men who have surfaced so far, so there is a huge task ahead for the rescue team.

  john 52 10:35 13 Oct 2010

Yes its fantastic !! it does put life into perspective

  spuds 12:55 13 Oct 2010

Regarding the rescue and future of the remaining miners does seem to have been considered at an higher level. Apparently some of the miners might be contractors while others are employed by the mine owners. By all accounts it would appear that the mine is actually bankrupt, with no money in reserve and the government have stepped forward with the intentions of dealing with everyone as equals.

  Quickbeam 13:20 13 Oct 2010

Treating them all as equals is the only human way.

With my cynical hat on, I would expect the government to seek re-election before to long as payback.

With my emotional hat on, I remember the emotions shown when a local pit disaster occurred in 1978 in Bentley where I was an early start baker. When the normal 6 O'clock shift change hooter hadn't stopped after 20 minutes or more, it was evident that something serious was happening and the tone of the day changed dramatically as the events unfolded and the media moved in by the truckload to ask us all bloody stupid questions.

  Legolas 13:29 13 Oct 2010

Missed the first but seen no's 2,3 and 4 before going to work. Not ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye as they appeared out of the capsule and into the glare of publicity.

The real test of how they have coped with the trauma is not now but in the future, I watched an item relating to this story on the SKY news channel they were talking to two Tasmanian miners who were trapped for 14 days back in 2006.

They admitted that as time went by after their rescue that they became increasingly depressed and had violent mood swings. One of the their marriages broke up, one said he eventually had to admit he needed help and went for counselling. The often supressed emotions after such trauma can take a while to surface, I suppose everyone deals with it in their own way.

Here's wishing them a long and happy future.

  michaelw 13:43 13 Oct 2010

It's good they all survived. They'll bask in the euphoria for a while, but it's important they retain the camaraderie they shared below to help them cope with the world's limelight in the coming weeks.

  ams4127 19:47 13 Oct 2010

I want to see what happens when the guy with both wife and mistress waiting for him, appears.

I also liked the man they brought in to drill the shaft. He packed his bags and left having completed his task. The press caught up with him at the local airport and asked if he was going to stay and watch the rescue. "No, I was hired to drill a hole. I drilled it and now I'm going home"

I could really like that man.

  Bingalau 22:15 13 Oct 2010

Perhaps he has other holes to drill?

  ella33 22:19 13 Oct 2010

I have heard people criticising the "media circus". I have only seen little bits and it so good to see the guys looking well. I wonder if they knew they were going to be so "on show" as they emerged.

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