Childrens logic???

  wolfie3000 07:50 13 Jul 2007

Found this site bookarked in my bookmarks, (i guess my girlfriend bookmarked it)

Anyway i have spend a few minutes reading it and its kinda funny,

click here

Makes you think.

Any similar stories that you may have??

  spuds 13:50 13 Jul 2007

Some friends of mine have a sign on their door " If you enter this humble abode- Don't believe what the kid's say-Ask Toby first. He's the genius" (Doe's that count?).

Should mention that Toby is the kid's pet house rabbit.

  Jim Thing 18:01 13 Jul 2007

One of my granddaughters made a sign for her room that read: "I can only be nice to one person each day, and today just isn't your turn.
Tomorrow isn't looking too good either."

  wallbash 18:24 13 Jul 2007


  bof:) 15:13 14 Jul 2007

Hi all,

I had a discussion with five year old niece after she was playing up, that went something like this at the end,

'me adult, you child which means you listen and then do as you are told.'

the reply was....'yes but I'm cleverer (with serious look on face and hands on hips).

I had to turn away before I burst out laughing.

  lisa02 15:21 14 Jul 2007

I was telling my 5yr daughter off for being destructive and said "Money doesn't grow on trees" all I got back in a very serious tone was "No silly, apples do!".

Also at Christmas I told her Santa was watching her all the time and the cheeky monkey replied "Has he got cameras in our house or something??".

The 3yr old knows I have a baby in my tummy. She asked "Is that the baby's home?" Me thinking this was adorable said yes, then came the question "Will where is the front door then?"

  Forum Editor 16:17 14 Jul 2007

into bed, she gave me a huge hug and said "I really love you, Daddy". Touched, I said "I really love you, too"

She looked me straight in the eye and said "Daddy, when you're dead, can I have your mobile phone?"

  Jim Thing 16:27 14 Jul 2007

My six-year old daughter (who is now 55) was watching with delight as I let off fireworks in our back garden. All went perfectly until the first rocket went up, when she started to screech amid floods of tears.

"Stop it, Daddy" she sobbed, pointing to the sky. "That's where Gentle Jesus lives!

I quickly dreamed up a reassuring story along the lines that Gentle Jesus was a pretty sensible fella with enough common sense to stay indoors on bonfire night — to which her answer was "But what if he has to go out the back to fetch some coal?"

  exdragon 09:41 15 Jul 2007

On my first visit to New Zealand to my recently emigrated daughter, she showed me my bedroom. Grandaughter, 7, hands on hips, foot tapping, sighed, looked around and said, 'Oh well, it isn't much, but it's home'.

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