Children and their pets....

  dagnammit 11:13 20 Apr 2009

our little Hamster died today. click here Poor little blighter.

I have the unfortunate problem of telling the girls when they get home from school.

  peter99co 11:19 20 Apr 2009

This how children learn about death. Hamsters have short lives anyway. Let them put it in a little carboard box and bury it in the garden. They soon get over it.

  dagnammit 11:35 20 Apr 2009

Yeah that's what we're doing. I cared for the little guy too. Wouldn't like to see him tossed in the bin or something.

He was great... hold your hand out and he'd walk out of the cage onto you and would never bite. Just over 2 & 1/2 years we had him.

  Quickbeam 12:13 20 Apr 2009

And after a few weeks you can introduce the idea of another one.

We've had dogs in our family all my life, after the first few weeks of inadvertently calling a that's no longer there and leaving food on a plate it will be the right time to look. As peter99co says, it's how you learn about death and also life spans.

  Quickbeam 12:14 20 Apr 2009

calling a 'dog' (missing word)

  Forum Editor 18:38 20 Apr 2009

brought to mind a story I heard some years ago. A Mother realised that the family dog, to which her 7 year old son was devoted, was ageing, and she dreaded the inevitable day. She decided that it would be an idea to gently prepare the boy, so she picked a time when they were quiet together, and sat down with him.

"David" she said. "I expect you know that Timmy is getting old now?"

"Yes" her son replied.

"And you know what happens when dogs get really old, don't you?"

"Yes, they die, don't they mummy?"


"I don't want Timmy to die" and her son burst into tears.

"Don't cry darling, we'll make sure that when the time comes Timmy has a proper funeral. Daddy will make him a little coffin, and dig him a grave at the bottom of the garden in his favourite spot, where he buries his bones. We'll have a little procession, and lower him in, then we'll say a little prayer about Timmy, and thank him for being in our lives. Finally we'll cover him up, put some flowers on his grave and we'll all come back to the house and have your favourite Pizza. What do you think about that?"

"It sounds lovely mummy" said the boy "Can we kill Timmy and do it tonight?"

  wellshgit 19:29 20 Apr 2009

Brilliant. I loved that

  Quickbeam 19:56 20 Apr 2009

ly hilarious:)

  dagnammit 22:49 20 Apr 2009

Thanks for sharing. It's one of them stories that make you laugh when you shouldn't.

Wife told the girls, they were sad but liked the idea to bury him in the garden. The five year old said "see we still have him", to which the missus smiled, and then she followed up with "how long til his skin goes away?".

  Quickbeam 07:35 21 Apr 2009

Well, they seem quite balanced mentally. You should be OK to take them to the pet shop an Saturday for another one.

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