Children banned from snow-covered parks by health

  hssutton 16:32 02 Feb 2009

I'm in total despair of this country. When I was younger it was a mad dash to the local park with a sled when it snowed and was the same when my kids where younger.

Children banned from snow-covered parks by health and safety brigade.

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  Cymro. 16:40 02 Feb 2009

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It is a pity that they did not ban people from such places as this in bad weather.

  Forum Editor 16:50 02 Feb 2009

for the compensation culture that has made Local authorities so paranoid in situations like this.

Little Chardonnay runs along an ice-covered path in the park, playing at snowballs with her friend Sherilee. Chardonnay slips on the ice and falls against a tree, breaking her arm.

Chardonnay's dad gets straight onto his solicitor and asks him to sue the Council for negligence. The Council's insurers say 'No you're not covered because you shouldn't have allowed children to access a park that had ice-covered pathways'.

That's why Camden Council acted as it did - it knows some of its residents only too well.

  Admiral Allstar 17:05 02 Feb 2009

as my friend pointed out (when he used to work for camden street cleaning services) there are a lot of lazy people working for the council and the parks job was viewed as the easiest of the lot. the non clearing of the paths is down to a number of items including but not limited to h&S, availability of staff and other resources like spades, grit etc. and the willingness of the council to pay overtime. this is a bit of scaremongering where a grain of truth has been blown out of all proportions. it is sad people cant view accidents as accidents anymore, but there may be more to this than meets the eye.

  Forum Editor 17:09 02 Feb 2009

Presumably you know Snowdon well?

If you do - as I do, part of my family is from Snowdonia - you would know that banning people from the mountain at short notice is virtually impossible.

  Forum Editor 17:13 02 Feb 2009

and Mr. Jones for her dad.

Most people would understand the point I was making. The Council doesn't want to face an action for negligence.

  Cymro. 17:33 02 Feb 2009

I very much accept your point about banning people from our mountains in bad weather, but it still makes at least as much sense as does banning children from parks because it is snowing.

  User-1229748 18:00 02 Feb 2009

as soon as i saw this thread the words "compensation culture" were the first thing that came to mind :o(

  Forum Editor 18:12 02 Feb 2009

The Council has a duty of care in respect of the safety of its public footpaths and pavements, and must not negligently expose pedestrians to danger. If it does it faces the possibility of successful claims for damages whe someone is injured, and awards can be substantial. If negligence is proved the insurers will not pay, so the money comes from residents' council tax.

Safety in the National Parks is a complex issue. On the one hand the National Parks Authority has a similar duty of care in respect of public access footpath and man-made amenities, and would be expected to provide safety bariers and/or warning notices in the case of any danger areas that may be accessed from public footpaths.

On the other hand, we all have a duty of care towards ourselves - we are expected to act with common sense when accessing mountainous areas, and certainly when attempting to climb a high mountain in winter conditions. I make no comment about the specific cases involved in your link, but in general terms it would seem to me to be basic commonsense not to go onto a mountain like Snowdon in icy or snowy conditions unless you are an experienced and well-equipped mountaineer. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

  €dstowe 18:47 02 Feb 2009

Don't parents have a responsibility to take care of their offspring any more?

  namtas 19:06 02 Feb 2009

Isn't it about time that good old fashioned common sense was brought back to this country. Everyone who has a brain should be responsible for their own safety. Parents should be responsible for their children. I am sick and tired of hearing about duty of care this and compensation that, in ten years time we shall all have to be wrapped up in cotton wool just to leave our front door.

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