Child safety seats

  picklsey 11:04 02 Jun 2007

i was just thinking that now booster seats are compulsery in cars that manufacturers should be able to make them part of the car,booster seats that know as a fold down or the very least they should be supplied with a new car.what do others think.

  Quickbeam 11:08 02 Jun 2007

I've thought that too. Some makers go to great lengths to sell themselves as family car makers... so why not incorporate these into the seat design?

  Forum Editor 11:35 02 Jun 2007

offer factory-fitted car seats. Mine does - in fact I could have ordered several different types.

  picklsey 11:42 02 Jun 2007

didn,t know that you would think they would advertise it as it is a very important safety feature.i was thinking why they can,t have a pull down sort of thing fitted as standard,as far as booster seats fact they should have that feature included in the drivers seat.i know a couple of people who use cushions so as they can see properly.past there test using them.

  bordercomp 11:44 02 Jun 2007

Easy one, it'll make the cars they produce more expensive, a disadvantage in price for first manufacturer who does it, with probably no great sales appeal, a lot of people don't have, or want children, being family orientated only stretches as far as profit margins, better for them and their costs if the customer pays.


  picklsey 11:48 02 Jun 2007

here what your saying and a it,s a good point.but what i,m getting at is it,s the law for safty belts to be fitted for adults so why not for children

  bordercomp 12:02 02 Jun 2007

I agree they should be fitted and their use strictly enforced but I think its unlikely car makers will volunteer until legislation forces their hands, its appalling to see the amount of kids bouncing about unrestrained in the backs of vehicles, I even followed one car down the M6 motorway where a young child was lying on the rear parcel shelf.


  Jak_1 12:31 02 Jun 2007

It could be offered as an added extra when buying a new car. Obviously it can't be a standard item as not all people have children and therefore do not require them but if it was offered as an extra at the time of purchase with professional fitting then that would seem to be a reasonable compromise.

  picklsey 13:04 02 Jun 2007

well no not really if the car is sold on to a family or such like.what i,m getting at if they are fitted as standard they could be hidden untill needed ie a pull down sort of thing,and as i say it,s the law now as is seatbelts for,s all about how they design the seats.if you can see what i mean.

  Jak_1 13:17 02 Jun 2007

That would mean someone paying for something that is not wanted and will not be used!

  picklsey 13:24 02 Jun 2007

i agree with what your saying but for example i don,t want seatbelts i still hate wearing them after all these years.(i was around when the law to wear them came out)so the law says you must have them so to me they should be a way of making them part of the car.i don,t think it would be that much for a design change.more so booster seats.

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