child benefit/child tax credits when child is at part time college

  mrwoowoo 16:53 11 Sep 2011

Does anyone know if you can still get any child benefits/child tax credit if my son goes part time at college in September.

I believe you only get it if they are at school/college a minimum of 12 hours, he will be doing just under the 12 hours per week. The course he was originally taking was free because he is 17, but after his interview last week they telephoned and said he had a place but the course was no longer being funded and everyone taking the course would have to pay just over £1600 each, which we can not afford.

He has had to enrol at 3 different colleges/nightschools to try to take similar courses, but now the study time is less than 12 a week term time.

This means i get nothing at all from the child benefits/child tax credits, my husband works but i will loose about £100 a month, and fully support him with the education/travel/ clothes etc.

I will phone the child allowance helpline tomorrow but was just wondering if any one else has experienced this. (He is 17 years old)

many thanks

  Aitchbee 17:33 11 Sep 2011

Why can't he do a similar course over 12 hours?

  mrwoowoo 17:45 11 Sep 2011

the only other course which is the same as the original is about 40 miles away, thats why he is having to take 3 similar separate courses nearer to home. (he does not drive) we live on an island so we are always limited

  Aitchbee 17:49 11 Sep 2011

I have a friend in Scotland, whose son is doing a 3 days-a-week college course.It works out at over 16 hours and is classed as full-time education. Why can't your son do something along the same lines?

  Aitchbee 17:53 11 Sep 2011

OK mrwoowoo - your circumstances are different to my friend's. Good luck with your enquiries.

  rdave13 19:14 11 Sep 2011

I think your best bet is to contact them directly with your facts sorted out beforehand for reference.


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