Chickened Out

  gardener 13:55 27 Jun 2008

I see Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, or Fearlessly Eatsitall as he is sometimes called, has lost the Tesco shareholder vote to give better conditions for chickens reared for sale to the supermarket giant.

I for one will be boycotting the stores as this appears to show where Tesco and it's shareholders' concerns lie, which is in their pocket.

  jack 14:17 27 Jun 2008

But the stores are doing their level best to bring some form of balance to the escalating food prices.
OK it can be seen as a PR exercise- which it is- .
But if folk want food at prices they want to pay - so be it.
The 1.99 bird is plainly a loss leader, and the poultry trade has, as with all others , to balance
what they make with what they can sell.
The £5 chicken may equate with a 'better life' in some folks eyes - but if no one wants to buy it, it will lived and died in vain.

  day2strike 14:30 27 Jun 2008

It's a very emotive issue about the welfare of animals.
And as long as they are kept in legal conditions then that it seems OK for the supermakets.
But free range sadly comes at a cost these days & most people buying food from supermarkets look for the cheaper optioins.

More on your point gardener is click here

  gardener 14:57 27 Jun 2008

Point of fact, we don't need meat on our plates every day. What Mr. Whittingstall proposes is that we eat happy meat maybe once or twice a week. If the purchaser has any common sense they can budget for this and be no worse off than they were when buying cheap meat for daily consumption, then we'd all be happy.

What angers me is that we pamper the animals we don't eat, i.e. pets, and let the ones we regard as food live a miserable existence. Double standards or what?

  gardener 15:05 27 Jun 2008

fourm member,

'Real people'. Are you suggesting that I don't exist?

  Picklefactory 15:09 27 Jun 2008

All good points and this is one of those, I think, that will boil down to personal preference/circumstances. My own opinion is that when money allows, I would prefer to buy the organic, not just for the humane ethic, but (If it is true, and I can well believe it) that, apparently, the factory bred birds do not generate much of the nutrients/protein that organic birds do and also have about 25% higher fat values. I expect there are people here who might know more about the truth of that than I do. But I would think that logic would dictate that a happy animal living on a natural diet and natural habitat would provide healthier more nutritious meat.
But even if all that is perfectly correct, it doesn't make it any easier to afford in these worrisome days for those with little funds. I'm sure if the organic birds were cheap enough, or the masses were wealthy enough, we would all buy them.

  Cymro. 15:12 27 Jun 2008

"What angers me is that we pamper the animals we don't eat, i.e. pets, and let the ones we regard as food live a miserable existence. Double standards or what?"

Yes indeed double standards and it angers me too, but there is no way that I want to pay a single penny more for my food just so as to give some animal a better standard of life.

You must realise that there are people even in this country who have to budget for every penny they spend on food. Animal welfare is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

As I have had to say before on this forum there is no way that I would condone deliberate suffering to any animal but food is for some of us much too expensive as it is and anything that brings down the cost is alright by me.

  gardener 15:16 27 Jun 2008

Well, we are what we eat Picklefactory. That's probably why Britain has a massive (pardon the pun) obesity problem.

  gardener 15:20 27 Jun 2008


I am retired (as you can probably tell from the time of posting) and our income is well below the national average but we can still buy 'happy meat'. It's just about balancing the books.

  gardener 15:24 27 Jun 2008


Thanks for the link.

  Cymro. 15:37 27 Jun 2008

Like yourself I am not in employment and so also have to balance the books.
But not everyone is as willing or able as you are to balance the books for the benefit of annimals.

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