'chemical castration' for paedophiles

  Nibblerman 19:45 13 Jun 2007

This is a can of worms but the public need to be made aware of this.

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  polish 19:48 13 Jun 2007

shoudnt be given any choices locked up for life would be better

  TalYasis 19:58 13 Jun 2007

From what the facts and figures reveal it would be prudent to be more aware of friends and family when worrying about paedophiles.

Only then for many families to later decide on no charges,for the sake of the family name!

Pity the little children that chemical castration will be a no show and a total nonsense.

  Jackcoms 19:59 13 Jun 2007

Castration with a rusty razor blade might be a better idea.

  lisa02 20:05 13 Jun 2007

Jackcoms is right, compulsory castration with a rusty razor blade.

  interzone55 20:37 13 Jun 2007

another batch of knee-jerk reactions.

This is not "chemical castration" but the administration of a drug similar to Prozac to pedophiles who accept the treatment.

Next, the comments about castration "with a rusty razor blade". Castration of sex offenders does not have the desired effect, as some less enlightend states have done this and sex offenders just become violent offenders instead.

80% of sex attacks on children are committed by someone know to the victim - fathers, brothers, uncles, mother's "boyfriend", priest etc. I think if the victims' families where more willing to come forward more of these evil predators would be behind bars. But for this to happen we need to have a judicial system that is more attuned to the needs of the victims rather than the needs of the criminals

  wee eddie 20:38 13 Jun 2007

It's an area fraught with potential problems.

While it initially seems to be a good idea, in the wrong hands it could be the start of a slippery slope. There again, maybe we're already on it.

  Jackcoms 20:55 13 Jun 2007

"another batch of knee-jerk reactions".

Don't be so facetious.

In spite of the impression given in the links, none of this is new stuff.

It's been proposed several times in the past and, thus, people may have been thinking about it for rather longer than you think. Thus, they are hardly "knee-jerk" reactions

  ulrich 21:42 13 Jun 2007

They are 100% guilty then they should be castrated
without question and locked away.

  Jak_1 22:16 13 Jun 2007

An emotive subject and one that usually has people commenting with their heart rather than their heads! This is a subject on par with capital punishment, as that is basically what it is and Uk law does not have capital punishment except for about 3 instances, High Treason and Arson of a Royal Dockyard being 2 of them!
As has been stated, this is not something new and has proven in the past not to be very effective! Ideally the best way would be for a proven and convicted abuser to be locked up for a long time. Also it would have to be proven 100% that the person had commited the crime, miscarriages of justice are not unknown!

  egapup 08:39 14 Jun 2007

"another batch of knee-jerk reactions"
Hardly, we all have strong feelings about this and plenty of time to make up our minds what we like to do about it. Give me a hammer and a blacksmiths anvil.

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