Cheese and sweating cheeks?

  Blackhat 20:22 14 Jun 2007

After searching for an answer for a while now I thought I might try you lot.

When I eat cheese my facial cheeks sweat. Why is that?

I don't have a problem with dairy products, I don't have any allergies that I know of, it happens with any kind of cheese but not things like cheese and onion crisps.

I assume it is some sort of reaction to an ingredient but I am mistified as to what. It has been happening all my life and although a little embarassing at times it hasn't stopped me eating cheese.

Anyone share this condition or know what it is please?

  Si_L 20:37 14 Jun 2007

When I think of cheese my mouth waters.

  laurie53 20:41 14 Jun 2007

All cheese or just cow's milk cheese?

British cheese or Dutch/Italian/ French cheese?

Come on, if we're to get to the bottom (no not those cheeks) of this we need facts!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:43 14 Jun 2007

Google is your medical here

  Blackhat 21:10 14 Jun 2007

Your Googling is better than mine, thanks. I had encountered tyromine a while ago but not in the detail on that page. I am not on any medication though. That page does start however with the statement "The reason I believe" so I assume it is not a definitive answer.

laurie53, all cheeses I have ever tried, world wide including goat!

  DrScott 21:26 14 Jun 2007

tyramine which can have a sympathomimetic effect, inluding facial flushing.

Apparently marmite has high levels of tyramine too... does that have a similar effect?

click here

  Blackhat 21:34 14 Jun 2007

Thanks for that, agian I am not on any medication. I do not have the same reaction with marmite?

Also worth a mention my vegitarian brother suffers the same as me but worse. When he eats cheese I can see the beads of sweat develope almost instantly on his face. This would suggest an inherited factor.

You have given me a few more details to follow up and I will keep searching.

  DrScott 22:02 14 Jun 2007

on MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) to suffer such effects. It may be that your family has rather less than usually effective monamine oxidase enzymes?

  Totally-braindead 23:19 14 Jun 2007

Isn't it amazing. Here we are on a PC Forum and heres someone getting medical advice. Can't even pronounce the things mentioned but where else could you get a conversation/talk like this on a site to do with computers. Answer no where, this sites probably unique. Or at least very rare. An endangered species perhaps?

  Forum Editor 23:36 14 Jun 2007

has exactly the same reaction, and has done for years. He takes a little pill if he knows he's going to eat cheese - I'm afraid I don't know what the medication is, and he's abroad, I can't ask him.

  laurie53 09:06 15 Jun 2007

I found the Marmite link interesting.

When my son was small he found an unguarded jar of Marmite and was half way through it before he was found.

Bright red cheeks, really almost scarlet, were the only symptoms he showed.

So forty years on and now we know why; like you say, what a forum!

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