Cheap Cigs and Booze

  lisa02 22:48 13 Nov 2006

click here

What's your opinions?

I hope it does not go through.

Loony EU again...

  Vangeliska 22:52 13 Nov 2006

Do you live in the southeast, then?

  lisa02 22:58 13 Nov 2006


I don't like the idea of all the lost revenue, at least the amount of tax the smoker/boozer pays goes some way to pay for their health care.

Why should I pay for boozers and smokers' privileges?

  rodriguez 22:58 13 Nov 2006

It'll cost the Government quite a bit - they have to make money from the duty that gets paid on this stuff. Doesn't really affect me - I don't smoke and I don't drink wine either, just beer. But if the Government start losing money because of this, they'll probably just put all the other taxes up to make up for it.

  Vangeliska 23:04 13 Nov 2006

The government will simply up the duty on petrol and raise VAT, they will lose nowt! They never do!

  Jak_1 00:36 14 Nov 2006

I hope it does go through. They could put the tax on chocolate and other unhealthy fatty foods that clog up arteries! Give those a break who have always been hit for six with tax rises. Btw, the present tax on tobacco if it was channeled into the NHS would enough to make a significant difference! Smokers and boozers do pay for their healthcare, they pay more tax than those who don't smoke or drink.
I'm not saying it's a healthy way of living but it seems that non smokers/drinkers are a very intolerant set of people.
For the record, I do smoke and drink moderately on both counts. I do not encourage others to do so and I respect those around when I do smoke by not letting smoke drift up their noses and only smoke in designated areas.
There has to be give and take in all walks of life!

  Forum Editor 00:47 14 Nov 2006

The so-called 'booze cruisers' are only responsible for around 3% of the total alcohol/tobacco consumption in the UK. Most other people probably couldn't be bothered to faff around buying alcohol and fags from Europe via the internet.

Big fuss about nothing.

  Jak_1 00:59 14 Nov 2006

I think you are right FE, the booze cruises are more prevelant amongst people who live on the south coast anyway. Also most people find it more convenient to go to the local supermarket where things are reasonably cheap anyway. Only tobacco would have a significant saving for people.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:59 14 Nov 2006

that it means the end of a great british tradition of renting an unmarked white transit, taking it to france, filling it up untill the tyres touch the top of the wheel arches then claiming that the 3000 bottles of beer and 10000 fags are for personal consumption only.


  wolfie3000 03:40 14 Nov 2006

It used to be legal in the early 90s as i used to get cartons of fags dirt cheap from a mail order company.

The fags where called death cigarettes, came in a black packet and had a skull and cross bones on the front, they were popular with the bikers and metal fans of the time.

Some of you might remember them?

I was a student at the time and money was tight so it was great for me.

  Sapins 09:17 14 Nov 2006

The government isn't entitled to the duty anyway and should not be taking it from members of the EU. You can import any amount of goods bought, tax paid, in another EU country without having to say whose use they are for and there is absolutely nothing at all stopping you from re-selling them. The so called guidelines from Customs and Excise are a load of tripe, which you can also buy cheaper in the EU, and you can completely ignore them.

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