Chat Room?

  Marko797 08:59 19 Jun 2008

Not sure if this has ever been proposed, so apologies in advance if it has.

What are ppls thoughts on having a chat room of sorts in addition to the forums (or fora)?
Not sure if it's something which PCA have the facilities to provide, but is it something which they might consider providing?

It just occurred to me that a chat room (or series of these in due course, to match each forum) might be able to provide more immediate support for those who might need it, and take the 'forum' principle to the next level.
So, rather than getting irregular chunks of advice, in response to a problem which u might have posted about, the advice being offered could come in a steady 'live' stream, provided of course that ppl are actually in the chat room.

Nothing worse than following the steps of guidance being offered, then having to wait for the next reply, and frantically pressing F5 to see if the next step is there...I'm sure many of us have been there in our ‘hour of need’?

In the event that ppl are not ‘on-line’, then ppl would post in the normal way in the respective forum.

I feel sure that some ppl will claim that PCA is 'addictive' enough already, but my personal view is that, on balance, it could be a good thing.

Would be interesting to gauge ppls views, and maybe that of FE.

  anskyber 09:22 19 Jun 2008

Speakers Corner often resembles a CR.

  dagbladet 09:25 19 Jun 2008

I personally don't see any great benefit. The fora seem to work fine as they are. Particularly in the 'helproom', whereby the solution is often offered by way of a 'link', which I don't think can be offered in a chatroom. As regards 'Speakers corner', I have often been tempted to 'fire from the hip' in response to what I perceive to be prevocative postings/posters, my response would not add anything constructive to the debate and I usually (though not always) reflect on what I have typed into the reply box and refrain from actually posting it. The chatroom could quite easily degenerate into a slanging match, or maybe that's just a flaw in my character.

  Marko797 09:32 19 Jun 2008

take ur point, but like any other chat room, there wud be a need for a moderator, to prevent 'slanging matches'. Inappropriate behaviour would result in ppl getting kicked out. However, Speakers Corner wasn't really my focal point in connection with a CR.

I thought it would fit particularly well however with Helproom in the 1st instance. Links can be posted in CRs btw, to the best of my knowledge.

  anskyber 09:37 19 Jun 2008

The Helproom in particular is incredibly fast moving. The solutions come thick and fast.

Any chatroom I have looked in on seems to display the same woeful drivel often heard from bored teenagers. Moderating would be more of a full time job and our FE does have a day job he needs to give attention to to keep him above the breadline.

I see the benefits but for me at least the costs and disbenefits far outweigh the advantages.

  belfman 10:09 19 Jun 2008

I detest chatrooms, they are for children, sados, sickos, loners and paedophiles. The forums serve their purposes very well IMO - there's a forum for everything we could be collectively be interested in on an IT site.

  Marko797 10:24 19 Jun 2008

pretty strong views there. In the unlikely event that it did actually happen, however, I would hope that you wouldn't wish to categorise any PCA members, who used any chatroom provided, along the lines which you have stated in your thread, as some of them might find that offensive.

  belfman 10:39 19 Jun 2008

Of course not. Hence no need for a chatroom.

  Forum Editor 17:57 19 Jun 2008

I wouldn't want to be involved with running a chatroom for all the tea in China - it's a recipe for trouble as far as I'm concerned.

As has already been pointed out, threads in our forums - and in particular the Helproom and Speakers Corner - move along almost in real time anyway, and I don't think it matters a lot if someone has to wait an hour or so for a response.

So it's a resounding 'no' to chatrooms as far as I'm concerned.

  peter99co 18:04 19 Jun 2008

Glad about that!

  Marko797 18:20 19 Jun 2008

This was all about gauging opinion, and it seems a resounding 'not wanted', although it did provoke some interesting & quite strong views in the process. That's democracy 4u.

To my mind, if u don't ask, u don't get. Thnx to those who chose to provide input.

I'll tick as resolved.

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