Charles to be next King!!!

  birdface 16:11 29 May 2012

Just watching the TV yesterday [Maybe I watch to much television ] And it was announced that The sun readers had voted in a poll that they wanted Charles to be the next king.

It just said that the public have voted for Charles to be the next King.

If Charles is going to be King that would make Camilla Queen.

How could Camilla be queen when she was directly or indirectly the cause leading up to the death of Princess Dianna.

Now you may not think that I like the Royal Family But I do, I think they do a marvelous job,

But for Camilla to be the future queen I think would be wrong for the reasons mentioned.

I think this is there way of testing public opinion before the event I don't know.

I have expressed my views Just wondered what others thought

  Woolwell 16:19 29 May 2012

It doesn't matter how the public vote, or the Sun decide, as unless Charles dies before the Queen or abdicates then he will be the next King by succession. Your statement about Diana is debatable. I think that Camilla will make a very good Queen probably better than Diana would have done.

  birdface 16:24 29 May 2012


I think that Camilla will make a very good Queen probably better than Diana would have done.

Now I think that is debatable as well.lets agree to disagree.

  birdface 16:39 29 May 2012

Having Googled for Polls I found that nearly every poll was from the Sun newspaper.

Why don't they have a poll with the likes of the Daily Mirror instead you know then it is from a well trusted newspaper.

But to say that the public has voted and only use the Votes from one newspaper seems to me to be cherry picking.

  wiz-king 16:49 29 May 2012

It is call succession - the eldest son will be the next king unless he abdicates. He doesn't get a choice, so voting for anyone else is a waste of time.

So forget King Boris. grin

  john bunyan 16:58 29 May 2012

I know that Woolwell is correct re the constitution. However, when Edward 8 decided to marry a divorcee, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prime Minister insisted he abdicate. Also Princess Marguerite was given the choice of renouncing her right to succeed or to marry a divorcee, Peter Townsend. Therefore , although I am not a devout Royalist, nor a Christian, I do not understand why Charles was not treated similarly to the other two when he (disgracefully, some would say),caused the divorce of a fellow military officer. All this is quite apart from his continuous attempts to interfere in planning decisions, his constant yellow notes to ministers and his hypocritical views on green issues but not following his own advice. I do not think he is capable of change ,and may cause a rise in republicanism. The ideal would be for him to renounce his succession in favour of William.

  Flak999 17:17 29 May 2012

Honestly, does anyone really care?

  Forum Editor 18:23 29 May 2012

"How could Camilla be queen when she was directly or indirectly the cause leading up to the death of Princess Dianna."

That allegation is totally without foundation, and is absolute nonsense. Please don't repeat it.

  Condom 18:58 29 May 2012

If Charles ever becomes King and it is a big if with the longevity of the female line of the family then I would have no problem with his wife becoming queen for the short time that she would probably have. The church thing to my mind is a spurious argument as he is not head of the churches of Scotland, Ireland or Wales so surely the CoE could live with the problem as it has surely enough of its own right now.

  spuds 19:07 29 May 2012

Does it really matter if Camilla is a 'lady in waiting'?.

If the history books are correct, then some of our past King's had a few replacement ladies in waiting to spare. Take Henry as an example, and not many people seemed to bother then!.

  Aitchbee 19:40 29 May 2012

...luckily, the newly minted coins of King Charles (if he does become reigning monarch some time in the future) will not show his 'sticky-out' ears, as we (the public) will only get a side view of his profile on the heads side of coins.

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