Changing Taste

  laurie53 09:47 22 Jan 2008

It won't mean a thing to you youngsters, but those of a certain age will know that advancing years and increasingly diverse medication bring changes to how things taste.

My latest medication makes Marmite totally unpalatable.

Old age brings many penalties but this must surely be one of the most dire!

(I know await a myriad of posts from those who hate the stuff telling me how lucky I am!)

  newman35 10:07 22 Jan 2008

You know, when I was a young person, I used to abhor haggis - guess what, I still do!
Age has it's benefits, but what the h*** are they??? I need to know.

  gardener 10:18 22 Jan 2008

laurie53, sorry to hear about the Marmite problem. I don't want to upset you but I'm eating Marmite on toast at this very moment and it's delicious, but then I'm a youngster at 52.

  interzone55 10:33 22 Jan 2008

Perhaps that same medication will make it palatable to the 99.9% of the population who can't stand the stuff (me included).

  rdave13 10:49 22 Jan 2008

I'm desperately sorry to hear of your predicament. To lose the taste for Marmite is a disaster indeed. Three things to try;
1 Sue the medication company for loss of Marmite taste (must be worth a couple of millions).
2 Find a sympathetic Hypnotist the will restore the flavour.
3 Lastly, downgrade to marmalade (not recommended).

  birdface 10:55 22 Jan 2008

My favorite when I was younger was a roll in boiled eggs with Marmalade over the top.I have been contiplating trying it again.But wonder if I would need a bucket beside me just in case.Its just the start.Your hair goes.your money goes.Your sense of smell and taste goes.And by this time your teeth have gone.Good job we can keep a good sense of humour.I take it you just lick it off the spoon by now.

  laurie53 11:01 22 Jan 2008

What a dirty trick.

Have you ever thought about getting a job at Guantanamo?

  DrScott 11:09 22 Jan 2008

what is this medication? I might have to warn a few patients!

  gardener 11:14 22 Jan 2008

Surely they don't serve such luxuries in Guantanamo? Or is it used as some form of torture?

  Brumas 12:42 22 Jan 2008

Neither are to my taste, but couldn't you switch to Bovril?

  Legolas 12:44 22 Jan 2008

Well I don't want to shock anyone into having a heart attack so if you are of a weak disposition look away now....OK for the rest of you I have never tasted that you have recovered from your shock at this confession can anyone describe what it actually tastes like?

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