changes in neck stretching

  lofty29 16:02 27 Aug 2009

Just thought it might be interesting for some members, or on the other hand may not be. I had to have an operation earlier this year which has resulted in me having to have my throat stetched a number of times, at the last vistit to the hospital got talking to one of the nurses who told me she had been on that department for 20 years, and I mentioned about the number of times they said I would have to go for the proceedure about 10-12, which involves putting a ballon down the throat and inflating it to 7 bar, while you are knocked out fortunatly, and she said the old method used to be shoving rigid tubes of ever increasing sizes down, which stretched the throat more effectively but caused much more trauma to the patients, so they brought in this new method. She said that when the doctors got to the larger sizes they really had to apply a lot of pressure to ram to tubes down. Ouch.

  dastardly mutt 16:34 27 Aug 2009

Hanging too good for you?

  canarieslover 19:25 27 Aug 2009

Your consultant isn't Albert Pierrepoint by any chance??

  laurie53 20:15 27 Aug 2009

I think that Pierrepoint stretched the throat longitudinally rather than laterally.

  spuds 22:49 27 Aug 2009

It goes to show how different procedures for the same problem now occurs in hospitals.

A few months ago, I had the option of having a tube plus camera inserted into my throat, which was pushed into the stomach region. The option was a straight forward 'gagging' insertion or local 'numbing' injections. Difference of procedure was having a cup of tea straight afterwards or resting in bed for an hour or so, due to possible complications of the 'numbing'.

  lofty29 11:42 28 Aug 2009

Might well be relatives of pierrepiont, they would have to somehow carry on the tradition.
had the no anesthetic for the initial investigation last year, bloody auwful, glad I can have the knockout now, but as you say the different hospitals vary, when I went for the first couple I was sent back to the hospital that carried out the operation, removal of the osophagus, and they went for the full monty anesthetic, gown, special socks etc, whereas now I go to the local hospital and they just knock you out for about 20 mins give you a cuppa and send you home.One of the things that I find amazing is the pressure they put on the balloon, about 3 times what you pump up your car tyres to.

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