fitcher 13:23 13 Jun 2007

I still look at the prices in scan now and again .I never missed a day one time .I now look now and again to see if the agp slot graphics cards are stil being made .there must be millions of people with pcs who still would buy high end agp graphics ..I don't need a pci card.and I don't need sata . or your dual treble .and I think others like me are happy with 3200 they are not antiques ,and would like to upgrade their agp cards ..good luck to the guys who can afford to keep up with trends though .I had that thrill once

  Pine Man 14:20 13 Jun 2007

What's the problem?

If you want AGP graphics cards go to Ebuyer, Novatech, Dabs etc etc etc. They all stock a wide range.

  TalYasis 14:33 13 Jun 2007

No that's not what he is saying.

Once you spend good money on a decent system then you won't really need the latest hardware release nor a poor Vista churn-out kit unless you have money to burn or simply are in need of a quick thrill.

  Pine Man 14:38 13 Jun 2007

Why isn't he running Windows 3.11 then!

  TalYasis 14:59 13 Jun 2007

Is he on his amd 3200 ?

Could'nt see the 3.11 bit.

  Pine Man 15:12 13 Jun 2007

Exactly - at some stage he opted for XP, which was an upgrade to Windows 98, which was an upgrade to Windows 95, which was an upgrade to Windows 3.11.

Progress happens - Vista is here ;-)

  brundle 15:32 13 Jun 2007

I wish the old PCIndex site was still going - you could quickly check the best prices for any listed hardware, without the Kelkoo `jack of all trades` approach.

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