Change in Forum User Names

  rawprawn 08:30 12 Sep 2009

I have noticed a couple of members have recently changed their Forum User Names.
I wondered how many members have done this, and for what reason.
I must admit that mine is somewhat infantile and "Old OZ" but it was the first thing that came to mind that was not already in use.
Perhaps I should change to something more fitting my age.

  Quickbeam 08:52 12 Sep 2009

I was originally registered in my own name when I only used the helproom now & again. I changed it when I started using this forum regularly a good few years ago. In keeping with what seems forum convention, of either using a long standing nickname or a fantasy/fictional name I chose Tolkiens impatient and quick to decide character, as it is me to a tee... and the character is on the right side:)

  birdface 09:06 12 Sep 2009

I use a different one in Firefox and that lets me use both at the same time.

  Quickbeam 09:12 12 Sep 2009

You mean you can have arguments with your own opposite alter persona...?

  rawprawn 09:24 12 Sep 2009

Wow, I never thought of that, are you going to let us in on the secret. We promise not to tell anyone else.

  dagnammit 09:30 12 Sep 2009

I've changed my name several times... been here under previous a registration too. All in all about 4 years.

  crosstrainer 09:36 12 Sep 2009

Mine is a bit outdated too, but if we all start changing, life here could become confusing...Think I'll stick with what I have :))

  Quiller. 09:48 12 Sep 2009

recently. Although I have been posting on the forums for 8+ years.

  rawprawn 09:49 12 Sep 2009

I don't see how your name is outdated, but I do agree that if we all started changing names it would become confusing. I think Laurie53 (I think) had the right idea by telling us the new name. A good idea if you decide to change, but I suppose it all depends on the reason for the change.

  rawprawn 09:50 12 Sep 2009

A good idea if you decide to change, but I suppose it all depends on the reason for the change.
Should really read "One decides to change" not you personally.

  jack 09:53 12 Sep 2009

Where ever I am in the main.
In those places where someone hot there first I am usually stumped to pick an alternative - and when I do- invariably forget it before the next sign in - not with standing that I have folder of Registrations/passwords on the external drive.

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