Chanel Snobbery?

  laurie53 09:07 28 Dec 2007

According to a news report Chanel has decided that shops in a local town cannot sell their perfumes because they are too low class! (local report, so no link I'm afraid)

Now I can understand that they might think their image would suffer if their products were sold off a market stall, but this is a local branch of Boots.

Another pharmacy is deemed unfit to sell Chanel because it is too near a bookies.

I can also understand any premium product wanting to protect their image, and I would quite understand Arthur Daly being refused a Rolls Royce franchise, but Boots too low class for perfume?

  octal 09:17 28 Dec 2007

Good marketing strategy, make a product difficult to obtain and it will sell like hotcakes because it must be good, yea right!

  Forum Editor 09:19 28 Dec 2007

that had such a valuable image.

  Quickbeam 09:20 28 Dec 2007

My dad was a terrible channel snob in refusing to watch ITV for most of his life...

  €dstowe 09:22 28 Dec 2007

This is quite common, not only with "posh" companies who think they are too good to sell their wares to the general public but with more commonplace companies as well.

I have been told that the Sainsbury's store in Liphook, Hants will not be having self serve checkouts because the inhabitants are too low class. Meanwhile, just a mile away in the much posher Haslemere, Tesco are installing loads of these checkouts.

  Forum Editor 09:29 28 Dec 2007

My mother lives in "the much posher Haslemere", but wouldn't know a self-service checkout if she fell over one. They've had them in my local Waitrose branch for years - you use an individual barcode reader - and it's a great system.

I imagine that the supermarkets make assessments based on the possibility of customers taking advantage of the opportunity to pinch the stock. My son is in the supermarket business, and he says that some of his company's branches have a much higher pilferage rate than others.

  Chegs ®™ 12:47 28 Dec 2007

I wont even bother looking to see if any of our stores have Chanel,we have only 1 major employer left & every week our local paper tells me we're poor in this area.

As for self-service in a supermarket....I recall shopping in one recently that had just 2 checkouts operating despite the queues extending down each aisle and out the doors.A prime case for self-service checkouts perhaps,but unlikely as a few weeks before this was a notice in the paper alerting people to the problem of gangs of youths stealing thus they introduced a "No more than 2 youths inside,unaccompanied" ruling.

  jakimo 12:49 29 Dec 2007

I was in the Haslemere branch of Tesco just yesterday,but I didn't notice any posher types,other than myself,that is!!!

  €dstowe 13:53 29 Dec 2007

If you don't find Haslemere posh, imagine what the inhabitants of Liphook are like.

I do remember being in that same store once, though, and there was a very posh woman in front of me in the queue (before the days of them having self service tills). She handed over her debit card to pay and the poor girl doing the transaction removed the card from the reader and said "I'm sorry Lady ----- your card has been declined" - yes she was titled. I'm not saying who she was but you've most likely heard of her or her husband (who was with her). Without the least embarrassment, she produced another card from the seeming multitude of cards in her purse. That, also was declined as were the others that she proffered.

Meanwhile, the queue was becoming more agitated, not least me. She then came out with the immortal phrase "Don't you realise who I am?" to which the till girl said "Yes your Ladyship but it doesn't mean we give goods away."

She left empty handed.

Apologies to anyone who might live in Liphook, I don't know the place - it's just the reputation I've learned via the Sainsbury's spokesman.

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