Champions League Final

  Si_L 16:37 27 May 2009

Barcelona vs Man Utd in case you haven't heard!

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I've got money on a 3-1 win to Man Utd. I think they will be at 1-1, Utd will score and then Barca will leave themselves open going for the equaliser.

Any thoughts or predictions?

  wiz-king 16:46 27 May 2009

Riots, Italian police 10 - supporters 0


  birdface 17:43 27 May 2009 wonder there are so many rich bookies about.
You must be living in a dream world.

  Forum Editor 17:46 27 May 2009

I shall become a Manchester United supporter, and predict a 2-0 victory over Barca. No bets, except that it will be a good game of football, and that my wife will talk to her sister on the phone for the entire first half.

  tullie 17:47 27 May 2009

Whats wrong with 3-1 to United

  birdface 18:05 27 May 2009

Not being a supporter of any club I just think this is a very poor united team compared with some of the teams they have had in the past.
Fair enough they won the league but they struggled.
I would like to see them win but this Barcelona team is very good.
I cannot see them finishing with 11 men still on the field.

  Bingalau 18:16 27 May 2009

As an Everton fan I would like to see Barcelona win. But my lad, also an Everton fan, wants Manchester United to win. just because it will get up the noses of the Liverpool fans he has to work with.

  Sapins 18:34 27 May 2009

Boring 0-0

  Si_L 21:41 27 May 2009

No surprises it was 2-0, Utd didn't turn up to play. Only Giggs and Tevez played well, the rest had shockers.

Barca deserved that win all the way, they outclassed them.

  Sapins 21:59 27 May 2009

Did you notice the bloke engraving the cup, he would still be at it if Manchester United FC had won it.

Good win for Barcelona though.

  interzone55 22:14 27 May 2009

Good job FC Krasnoznamensk-Selyatino Krasnoznamensk didn't win then - he'd waste 3 cups trying to spell it right...

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