Chambers loses Olympic ban case

  Quickbeam 12:45 18 Jul 2008

click here He new the penalty for drug abuse, so what was his problem... It's just a case of very sour grapes as far as I see.

  Quickbeam 12:47 18 Jul 2008

new = knew of course...

  day2strike 12:49 18 Jul 2008

May be now the BOA will get tougher & make the ban longer for drug cheats.
2 years is nothing & this is why Chamers was able to take this case to the High Court, with any luck the BOA will make it 4+ years or even a Life ban!

  Quickbeam 12:53 18 Jul 2008

4 years in most cases will be a life ban when you consider the life span of an athlete at the top of the game.

  €dstowe 13:27 18 Jul 2008

"Chambers admitted he had taken other banned substances to enhance his performance and also revealed to the BBC that he had started taking THG 18 months before he was eventually caught."

Why can't he accept the penalty, then?

  jakimo 13:32 18 Jul 2008

More of the same is the only way of discouraging those athletes who cheat

  Bingalau 13:40 18 Jul 2008

If I was in the team for the Olympics and he was allowed to rejoin. I would drop out. That is what I think our athletes should do if he is allowed back in. I think he can still appeal as well can't he? He's also stopping someone else being selected.

  Quickbeam 13:48 18 Jul 2008

The only thing I'm very competitive with now is conkers... If I threatened to drop out, they wouldn't notice:)

  Forum Editor 15:15 18 Jul 2008

to cheat in order to win at sport, and he got caught. He was banned from competing, and he should stay banned - it would have been a disgrace had he been allowed to represent us in Beijing, and a slap in the face for honest athletes.

Thank goodness for sensible judges.

  Noldi 15:30 18 Jul 2008

Totally agree look at what drug taking has done to the cycling world. If they used drugs at anytime it should be a ban and for life, when an athlete wins he becomes a role model for any youngster wanting to emulate his success and what sort of example is drug taking.


  €dstowe 16:03 18 Jul 2008

The worst part of this is that Chambers admitted he took "banned substances" - no denials for him, then. He went on to almost boast that he had taken hormone products (also banned) for 18 months before he was caught. What does he expect, a medal? Obviously he does - from the Olympics.

As for him saying "the ban was an unfair restraint of trade." Ha! So cheating is fair is it?

If Chambers is achieving speeds which qualify him to be entered for the Olympics, how do we know that he hasn't done this by nefarious means?

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