A challenge for all you brainboxes

  lofty29 10:26 16 Mar 2008

I have come to the conclusion that amongst the members are the most articulate and brainiest people in the country, so here is a challenge. Local services and taxes are a mess, partly funded and controlled locally, and partly funded and contolled centrally. A partizan and ineffiecient system, which causes widely vari-ing levels of service and taxes accross the UK, come up with a better system!!!!without slagging off politicians

  Bingalau 10:28 16 Mar 2008


  newman35 10:32 16 Mar 2008

If you had not written into the 'rules' ..."without slagging off politicians.", then perhaps - but as it is I agree with Bingalau.

  lisa02 10:36 16 Mar 2008

Scrap the councils and pay private companies to provide the services as and when you need them. Have a regulator to manage those private companies. Those that can't afford to pay get means tested concessions/freebie services.

Just (not even a) half baked suggestion.

  Quickbeam 10:42 16 Mar 2008


  Bapou 10:47 16 Mar 2008

Bring back the Poll Tax say I. Maggie's idea had it's merits.

That should bring forth comment.

I shall now go into hiding as the hounds are unleashed!

  User-1235809 10:59 16 Mar 2008

I agree with Bapou that Poll Tax had its merits, where it fell down mostly (IMO) was charging it to students and other non earners.

We thought that Poll Tax was bad but what we have now seems to be much worse. To cut Council Tax, I would get rid of all jobs which didn't exist ten years ago, we are paying thousands to people who give us nothing in return

  lofty29 11:27 16 Mar 2008

start a thread then
I would hope that there would not be any half baked suggestions, after all what is brainstorming

  lisa02 11:45 16 Mar 2008

Oh well, whatever. I was just making clear that my idea wasn't sufficiently thought out. Without slagging (criticising) politicians the only solution would be to get rid of them!

I'll withdraw from the thread.

  lofty29 12:04 16 Mar 2008

I fear that you misundestood my remarks, I was not critisising you or your suggestion, For that I apologise, I was mearly stating that in the context of brianstorming no ideas should be considered "half-baked" until subjected to proper anaylisis

  carmichy 12:10 16 Mar 2008

My Geography teacher once came away with the saying that Communism is the greatest Ideal in the world but Human Greed defeats it.

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