Centrica to raise household gas prices 35%...

  charmingman 17:09 30 Jul 2008


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  mymate 17:28 30 Jul 2008

I just managed to cap my Gas and Electric . Ended up paying £50 a year more but thats nothing to what it would have been if i hadnt capped it .
Done it with Scottish Power who are stopping the "capped" price tonight .

  BigRik 17:35 30 Jul 2008

Oh dear.

We're not with British Gas, but I expect the rest will follow shortly.

  oresome 17:44 30 Jul 2008

I've capped mine today with Eon. But this has resulted in a 12% increase in electric and 18% increase in gas from the existing tariff prices which have already increased this year.

  Forum Editor 17:58 30 Jul 2008

wholesale gas prices have risen from around 15p a therm to about 95p a therm, and big increase this year was almost inevitable - people have been warning about it for some time.

In 2004 the UK was self-sufficient in terms of gas supply, but times they are a-changin' and within the next two years we'll be importing 50% of our gas requirement. That means we're vulnerable - we're buying gas from abroad, and rising gas prices on the international market spells trouble ahead.

I expect to see Dave Prentis of Unison on TV before the summer's out - what was that about a winter of discontent?

  ulrich 18:03 30 Jul 2008

I can't remember when I capped my B/Gas one or two years ago and I thought I shouldn't have done it, thank goodness I did.

  laurie53 20:02 30 Jul 2008

Won't really affect me.

As the government have promised to look after me, my pension will obviously go up by a suitable amount to compensate!

Seriously, this is simply not affordable.

Something else has to go, and it's a matter of deciding what.

  Bingalau 20:49 30 Jul 2008

ulrich. I did likewise and I think it was over three years ago. I capped mine until 2010 thank God. But I seem to remember when they made us all change over from coal gas(?) to North Sea gas, they said it would last for hundreds of years... Where has it all gone? Have they flogged it off to the Russians to pipe back to us at an inflated price?

  g0nvs 21:08 30 Jul 2008

The more we pay for gas & electricity the more VAT we pay. This government is on a winner.

  birdface 08:52 31 Jul 2008

A bit dim when it comes to this but I thought that the gas they used was free coming from the north sea or wherever.Surely they cannot blame the cost of oil for the massive increases that we have had in the last couple of years.

  Grey Goo 09:58 31 Jul 2008

Somebody decided years ago to use North Sea Gas to generate electricity and to flog off some to the continent.

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