central locking

  deedop47 18:05 06 Jan 2012

can anyone help I have bought a mondeo 2002 which has central locking when I try to use the fob it locks but then unlocks just as quick but locks ok when I just use key.I have changed the battery in the fob anyone help? Donna

  spuds 18:21 06 Jan 2012

Due to changing the battery, you might need to reset the key function.

Not sure about Ford, but its usually a case of inserting the key, turning it, but do not start the engine, then wait a short time, and return key back to start position, remove key. Then check (by using key as normal) to see if it as reset!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 06 Jan 2012

Was it OK before you changed the battery?

Had this on a Fiat - ended up having to adjust position of master locking mechanism in drivers side door.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:48 06 Jan 2012

Do those mondeos have a doorlock in the passenger side? I would be curios to know if the drivers door locks on the c/l when activated by the key on the other side. I mention this because my peugeot doesnt lock the drivers door on the fob so I use the key, but when the lock barrel messed up I opened up the door interior to fix and forgot to reconnect the wiring loom to that lock. The resulting symtoms were similar to your locking then unlocking ones. If all else fails then check the wiring, as some systems are set to not lock the doors if one is still sensed as open. ( a good first place to look is signs of chafing where the door opens and the loom goes from car to door.

But definitely eliminate the simpler things first.

Also, good luck, as troubleshooting these sort of things can be soul destroying.


  deedop47 18:53 06 Jan 2012

Thanks everyone I will try all the advise Donna

  spuds 19:02 06 Jan 2012

WTM might have something there. I now recall a few years ago, when a friend returned to her car and then had problems with the security and starting system. The AA was called out after a hour or so of attempts. He simply closed the doors, then opened the passenger door with the key and all worked fine. Apparently my friends husband had got out of the passenger door earlier on, and used the key in that door to activate the system. We were trying to use the driver's door to activate the system. That was a Ford Mondeo.

  Strawballs 19:22 06 Jan 2012

My Nissan Primera only has keyhole on the passengers side.

Is there not a Forum for the mondeo I have found the NPOC forum very useful for the problems I've had with my car?

  OTT_B 19:34 06 Jan 2012

Make sure all the doors and boot are shut and latched properly.....open then slam shut.

  namtas 19:46 06 Jan 2012

I think that you will find that one door is not closed properly (highly unlikely)or one or more of the electric locks is faulty. What it senses is an inability to secure the total vehicle therefore it defaults to all unlocked.

  Quickbeam 19:57 06 Jan 2012

I had to have a new lock/latch fitted on my VW last summer for that same fault. I'd been looking at it for weeks without joy before going to an auto-sparky, he plugged the diagnostic machine in, and it told him that their was a fault on the driver's door latch. It cost £120 all in for the diagnostic, parts and labour, that's the price of expertise, but it sorted it.

  Noldi 20:22 06 Jan 2012

I World agree with fruit bat. I would think its a problem on the mechanical side. Noldi

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