Central Heating Pipe Power Jetting?

  spuds 11:19 15 Mar 2013

Perhaps a topic for discussions, due to the changeable and cold weather, and how we all like to keep warm?.

Having had problems with the central heating over the past few months, which as resulted in having a circulating pump and boiler fan replaced. Today having had no heating etc for a few days, the engineer (very busy) called and stated that the problem was actually sludge in the system.

He as arranged for the whole system to be power flushed, and other pipework and some fitments replaced next week.

Have you had this done, did it make a vast improvement, and were there any later problems. Not forgetting how some of us neglect our central heating until things go seriously wrong?.

  chub_tor 17:45 17 Mar 2013

*Fruit Bat /\0/* to be grammatically correct I should have stated parents' rather than parent's on the assumption that you have more than one parent. But who cares?..... it's a discussion on flushing radiators not grammar and having had all our radiators replaced when a new CH system was put in a couple of years back it's not a subject I can offer an opinion about.

  spuds 18:38 17 Mar 2013


I hope it is not messy, its the last thing I want at the present time :O(

  flycatcher1 09:59 18 Mar 2013

The Power Flush was not messy for us. The BG chap was very good, the pipes went out through a convenient window but it did take a long time.

  johndrew 10:39 18 Mar 2013

You should be aware that power flushing is not recommended if you have a Microbore system. As with any system you can buy the chemicals to flush, clean and inhibit. The job is relatively simple but time consuming.

  lotvic 11:26 18 Mar 2013

Wasn't messy for mine either, machine was outside and all waste water went straight down rainwater drain.

They do need access to an outside tap

You may want to consider protecting carpet under rads as there is a lot of kneeling down and to-ing and fro-ing.

  spuds 11:45 18 Mar 2013

Some of the radiators have a restricted area, but the engineer who called should have been aware of this, and I suppose it will all come down to the agility of the person or person's doing the work. If the areas are to restricted, then its going to be a case of further negotiation or considerations on the day perhaps?.

Apparently, only one radiator is removed completely near an outside exit point, the rest are left in-situ (all eight of them). The cold water downpipe from the tank and the 'trap' and connecting pipework will also require changing, according the the engineer who visited?.

  caccy 12:39 18 Mar 2013

Put my Microbore system in in 1976. Made sure that I put a good inhibitor in it. The system water has been changed twice in that time. Looked at an 8mm pipe when the boiler was replaced 4 years ago and it was as clean as a whistle.

  spuds 12:55 18 Mar 2013

Just to update the record. Mines standard copper bore piping, and the original was installed about 18/20 years ago, with a boiler change, additional fitments plus 'Ferox' treatment about 5/6 years ago. New boiler fan and circulating pump have been fitted recently.

  spuds 18:44 20 Mar 2013


Didn't need jetting, just a good change of water, and a new bit of pipework near a vent/separator, which was blocked.

The engineer as suggested that I might want to consider a Worcester Combi in the future?.

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