Quickbeam 07:58 30 Dec 2010

We may not want to live forever, but apparently we will click here

Kids, start saving your birthday and Christmas money now for your pension fund.

  morddwyd 10:39 30 Dec 2010

Kids, never mind your pension fund, save for mine!

  johndrew 11:06 30 Dec 2010

There are around 60 million people in the UK. Most of this will affect the younger generation as DWP use the date of 2066. I think this means the odds for anyone over 60 years currently has lengthened substantially.

  woody 11:20 30 Dec 2010

"Kids, start saving your birthday and Christmas money now for your pension fund."

Any one in a basic job -min plus a few pence - do NOT save .
Spend and enjoy today not poss -maybe - might - in years to come.
We know many who have not worked a day in their life and better of than those that worked 100 yrs ,between two.
If you have given it all to the local pub you get well looked after.
If you save you get nowt.
Those with good jobs do need to plan ahead because you do not want to lower your living standards when you pack up work.

  Bingalau 14:36 30 Dec 2010

I can't see many of the obese youngsters of today living past fifty never mind a hundred. Somebody's having a larff!!!

  peter99co 19:30 30 Dec 2010

I have decided that I will make my mind up about this when I get to 99.

  ams4127 23:09 30 Dec 2010

The thought of getting to 100 and sitting dribbling, fills me with total horror.

I'll go early with a bit of luck.

  Terry Brown 07:53 31 Dec 2010

I'd settle for 80 years of Good Health, rather than 100+ and needing medical care.

Life is about what you do with it, not how long you live!.


  sunnystaines 08:54 31 Dec 2010

OAP's will peak soon I think and max ages will drop when the present bunch of young adults get older due to the unhealthy lives they lead.

eat only junk and or processed food, with a lack of fresh fruit & veg,
the heavy binge drinking, wider use of street drugs, lack of fitness and being gross overweight.

and the rise of pollution in the air/water etc

  Bingalau 10:14 31 Dec 2010

sunnystains. I am thinking along the same lines...

  peter99co 11:46 31 Dec 2010

Natural Selection comes to mind. Darwin knew what he was talking about.

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