Kevscar1 04:56 08 Mar 2011

Went onlinr to fill it in. Can't remember what I got at school 41 years ago. No option Don't know so it won't let me proceed. Guess I will have to wait for them to come round.

How can they check if some foriegn terrorist fills it in claiming to be a white english catholic without going round to everybodys house to confirm what has ben filled in.

  Quickbeam 06:12 08 Mar 2011

There was a time when being a white English catholic was enough to label you as being a terrorist.

  Quickbeam 06:17 08 Mar 2011

I surprised that it would allow you to post the completed form before 27th march, how can you be sure that you won't be unexpectedly visiting someone or not?

  Kevscar1 06:45 08 Mar 2011

Personally I won't apart from 120+ hospita and doctors vistis I haven't been out more than 15 times in the last 21 months and never for more than 1 1/2 hrs.
Generaly they must just ignore the unexpected, you could drop dead on the 26th or 27th

  KremmenUK 07:01 08 Mar 2011

Question 17 on the form - this question has deliberately been left blank.

What's that all about ?

  Quickbeam 07:34 08 Mar 2011

An amusing read click here In 1911 they were just as miffed about the questions asked as today.

Like, "its language on infirmity, asking householders if they were "lunatic, imbecile or feeble-minded", would be unlikely to pass muster with today's disability campaigners."!

  morddwyd 07:56 08 Mar 2011


I can think of a few quite close to hand!

  Covergirl 08:16 08 Mar 2011

Is it just me or is the left hand side of that page you linked to exactly the same as the right hand side (apart from the Version 10 Version 11 at the top)?

  wiz-king 08:40 08 Mar 2011

If you were living in Wales you would have got it asking 'Do you speak Welsh?'

  Bingalau 09:46 08 Mar 2011

I had mine filled in and sent off within about fifteen minutes, it therefore can't be that difficult to fill in. (I'm pretty thick when it comes to filling in forms). If you can't remember what you got at school apart from the cane, then put "Nothing" I'm sure there is a choice of that in there.
The bit that I puzzled over for a while was the question about main employment through life. It seems they think people stick to the one type of job??? As I had three main sorts of jobs lasting about the same number of years, I was not sure what to put so in the end I put "Adventurer". That will sound good to anyone reading it in fifty years time..

  wids001 09:55 08 Mar 2011

Is there an option in the Ethnic/nationality section to put English? Or is this like some many other forms these days just showing British?

When I see that I go to the "Other" box and then write in English.

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