Censorship of words

  Chegs ®™ 04:01 18 Dec 2008

I've not noticed it on PCA but many games I play that allow me to talk to others ingame can be a royal pain as the censor decides I'm trying to use derogatory language or swear.

I type such as "he's hit the ball already" and find that its censored the "s" & "hit" or "I'd like an albatross" becomes "I'd like ** **batross" Lots of individual words get censored "negative" isnt allowed,and I cannot see anything in the word thats causing the censoring as it comes across as "**gative" ingame.

One game has a "teams mode" but try typing "pls pick me" gets pl* *pick me"

Lots of people simply use a fullstop to separate the letters,or é,ú,etc to bypass the ingame censor.It gets really frustrating when I am trying to communicate with someone who's main language isnt english and the censor has (seemingly) randomly chopped out letters.

My reason for posting this thread is because I was reading through another PCA post & spotted someone commenting on censorship in the various "snippets" under all the posts.
click here

If your easily offended,then please dont click on the link to wikipedia in this web page.

  wolfie3000 04:10 18 Dec 2008

Iv seen it alot in games myself, most recently in the game perfect world,

Word like Element fragment come up as ***ment ****ment,
Ironic when an element fragment is used as part of the game.

Also GANKED is censored too, it means to pile onto a player and kill him.

"We ganked that noob so hard"

in game censorship is a good thing but its just they tend to overuse there censor button and censor even any inoffensive words.

irony is many gamers just use leet speak to fool the censors which defeats the object.

  interzone55 09:23 18 Dec 2008

I noticed something similar the other day whilst going through the TV guide on one of my freeview boxes.

On one TV the program The Devils Whore was shown as The Devils W***e. So I checked my other two TVs and it was uncensored. So I presumed it was the software on the freeview box that was censoring the word, but when I flicked through to the repeat showing on C4+1 and it was uncensored there.

Very confusing...

  The Brigadier 10:49 18 Dec 2008

1st time on sky it was not shown the name in full.
Next time it was on the name was shown in full?

  Chegs ®™ 14:04 18 Dec 2008

The biggest problem with auto-censors comes when the posters are from many nationalities.The golf game I play has decided that spanish sentences are almost entirely made up from censored words.

A fishing game I used to play,the censor was poor as all you needed do was type one letter in uppercase and it got past the censor "gAy" was allowed but "gay" got censored.

The page I linked to refers to Scunthorpe,so I tried typing it in the golf game & it was censored.Within this towns name is an obvious swearword,but I'm totally unable to see anything offensive in my county name "Cumbria" yet I have to use "Cúmbria" to bypass the censor.I have tried several ways to describe where abouts I live in the UK & another that fell foul of the censor was "I'm near Sellafield" and I had to study the words a minute before I spotted what the censor had picked up on.The annoying aspect of this games censor is that reading the T&S of the game I found its got an age restriction on creating accounts,you have to be 18 or over before your able to create an account so why use a censor thats so strict?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:32 18 Dec 2008

I play World of Warcraft which provides a user selectable "profanity filter", so you can choose not to have censorship if you want to.

  Jim Thing 14:44 18 Dec 2008

IIRC Arsenal Football club's website had a similar problem some years ago. And I read somwhere that DVLA employs a smutty-minded person to vet new vehicle registrations.

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